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MOOAR Announces S2 Creator Bootcamp Registration

MOOAR has launched the S2 Creator Bootcamp. This workshop empowers creative individuals with the informational and financial support necessary to scale growth. Alongside this masterclass, there will also be a launchpad for budding projects to take off.

After launching season 1 last month, the team received more than 5 million worth of $GMT. They locked these tokens into tickets for 13 projects. Considering the success of that edition, MOOAR is initiating a sequel to that program.

Details of the MOOAR S2 Creator Bootcamp

The MOOAR S2 Creator Bootcamp is an initiative dedicated to empowering web3 entrepreneurs with information vital towards building projects. This program will run from the 30th of January to the 3rd of February, 2023. During this period, different workshops will explain everything you need to know about NFTs.

The seminar portal is now open for registration and interested attendees must indicate interest before the program starts. Kindly visit this Eventbrite link and select a time to book a seat. The sessions include these subject areas:

  • Creating an NFT.
  • NFT Utility
  • Fundamentals of Art, AR and VR Designs.
  • Understanding NFT metadata.
  • Basics of web3 marketing.
  • Community Building and Ambassadors.
  • Insights into the journey of the NOOAR Season 1 winner.
  • Everything you need to know about the MOOAR Incubator Program.

Meanwhile, the team will select the most requested topics and host a dedicated session on them.

At the end of the week, all participants will be opportune to showcase their NFT collection. MOOAR will review them and reward the top 3 in the following format

  • 1st position: 10,000 $GMT
  • 2nd position: 5,000 $GMT
  • 3rd position: 2,000 $GMT

These 3 projects will feature in season 2 of MOOAR’s launchpad.

The MOOAR Launchpad

Mooar S2 Creator Bootcamp Daily Sessions

The MOOAR launchpad registration portal is open. Interested outfits can submit their projects using this link. The deadline for submission is 0:00 AM UTC on the 16th of February. Ticket prices range from 10 $GMT to 200 $GMT, depending on the supply of your NFTs.

The team is increasing the voting limit to 30,000 $GMT per account to accommodate more programs further. People can also vote for multiple options via a single click. This edition will feature submissions from the Ethereum and Solana projects.  Users can now mint up to 20 NFTs at once.

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