Everdome Presents its 2024 Roadmap with Huge Updates
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Everdome Presents its 2024 Roadmap with Huge Updates


  • Everdome reveals its ambitious plan for 2024, focused on five key goals.
  • The strategy deviates from traditional approaches and adopts an OKR-based model.
  • Primary goals include stability, scalability, and engagement with users.

Everdome, the vanguard in the metaverse landscape, has unveiled its strategic plan for the year 2024, marking a milestone in its evolution.

This meticulously designed plan departs from conventional approaches and adopts an innovative model based on five key objectives, known as Objectives and Key Results (OKRs).

First of all, Everdome‘s commitment to the stability and scalability of its platform stands out.

Recognizing the importance of a solid and flexible foundation, the company has set out to merge spaces within Everdome City HQ, thus creating a centralized environment that facilitates navigation through the destinations of the metaverse.

Additionally, technological infrastructure improvements have been implemented to ensure stability and prepare the ground for future expansion.

This initiative is complemented by regular environment updates and detailed statistics on space usage, thus providing a comprehensive view of the Everdome ecosystem.

Everdome Presents its 2024 Roadmap with Huge Updates

Engagement with users is at the heart of the Everdome strategy

In order to keep audiences captivated and engaged, the company is developing new experiences and areas within its headquarters.

In addition, themed games are being introduced and a creator toolkit is being delivered, all with the aim of enriching the user experience and encouraging active participation in the Everdome metaverse.

Event management has also been improved, with the introduction of features such as password protection, thus laying the foundation for paid events in the near future.

At the heart of this strategy is the recognition of the fundamental role of creators in the success of Everdome and the metaverse as a whole.

Through delivering enhanced tools and diversifying the types of spaces available, Everdome is empowering creators to actively shape the digital world and foster a vibrant and dynamic community.

Everdome’s 2024 strategic plan represents a significant milestone in its journey toward innovation and excellence in the metaverse.

By focusing on stability, scalability, and commitment to users, the company is laying the foundation for an exciting future full of possibilities in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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