Dreams Quest Issues The Fandom Edition DreamsVerse Updates
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Dreams Quest Issues The Fandom Edition DreamsVerse Updates

Shortly after unveiling the $DREAMS token, Dreams Quest issues The Fandom Edition DreamsVerse Updates. This version of upgrades explores the dynamics of Origin and introduces the quiz week. It encompasses the game mechanics, races, characters and their stories. More importantly, players will get an insight into what to expect from The Fall of Azoria gameplay.

Details of The Fandom Edition DreamsVerse Updates

These upgrades come after the launch of the dedicated gaming site, where users can access the history, backstory and peril in every realm. After establishing this platform, the team made it available to everyone; more than 315 million people have used it since then. As part of community engagement, they also designed Alpha Leaks – a document of 35 pages to intimate members on Game Mechanics, Lore, Characters, Setting, Gameplay, and more of the Dreams Quest Universe.

Alongside the document, they also unveiled the Wekapedia Fandom site pages. This website contains all information about Ancients, Origins, Dream Constructs and other detail that players need. It is also a guide to the Dream Quest.

These recent launches also got notable mentions from major media outlets like Cointelegraph. Speaking at a press release, Paulii good reinstated the team’s commitment of the team towards the project’s success. Here are the words of Dream Quest’s co-founder

Through Fandom, we intend to create immersive and beautiful content and imagery that will engage players, spark their imagination, and leave them wanting to discover more. More importantly, we celebrate and honour our fans by pushing our content and storylines to one of the more notable wiki sites to invite players to share this game together.

While issuing The Fandom Edition DreamsVerse Updates, Dream Quest gave tips that players can inculcate to explore the different sections. Knowing every nook and cranny is vital if users want to understand what happened to Azoria and how they can repair the damage. More so, getting intimate knowledge of this place will help gamers understand the Ancients who are the first inhabitants of this region. Learning about these creatures offers insights into their impact on this virtual universe and the role they can play in its restoration.

Week 1 of the Fandom Quiz

As mentioned earlier, Dream Quest will launch a weekly quiz contest to celebrate its recent milestone. Participants will prove their knowledge of the Dreamverse by answering the following questions. The subjects border on the following:

  • Races of Ancients
  • The classes these creatures belong
  • Their features and so on

About Dreams Quest

Dreams Utility Token

Dreams Quest is an entertainment company producing various products to create an immersive gaming experience. Origins, the first chapter, is an open-world action role-playing video game that leverages both Web2 mobile gaming along with Web3 game asset controls using NFTs so that players can fully leverage the power of asset ownership, trading, and development of their game experience. It is also the first-ever game designed with a metaverse-based economy, created on the core principle of Collect to Earn, where every in-game asset is a dynamic NFT which can be crafted, forged, upgraded and traded to enable players to own and unlock the value of their game assets.

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