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5 Themes That Will Define Web3 Gaming in 2024, According to Yield Guild Games

The recent conclusion of the Yield Guild Games (YGG) Web3 Games Summit (W3GS) marked a week filled with game demos, announcements, and innovative events. During the two-day conference, Gabby Dizon, co-founder of YGG, shared insights into the five major themes that, according to him, will shape the world of web3 gaming in 2024 and beyond.

Firstly, Gabby highlighted that the future of web3 games is already here. Three years ago, the game offerings were limited, but in 2023, over 40 web3 games were showcased at the YGG Web3 Games Summit. Titles like Ragnarok Landverse, Mighty Action Heroes, and Axie Infinity: Origins adopted free-to-play models with blockchain elements, democratizing access and attracting a wider audience.

Secondly, he emphasized the evolution of guilds in the web3 gaming space, referred to as Guilds 2.0. These guilds now offer more personalized experiences, focusing on specific goals and diversifying communities within the web3 ecosystem.

The Future of Web3 Gaming is Already Here

The third topic was the importance of web3 quests as a user acquisition strategy. Instead of traditional top-of-the-funnel approaches, web3 quests target a more specific audience of known gamers. Programs like the Guild Advancement Program (GAP) and YGG’s Superquests allow players to learn about web3 games while developing skills to engage fully in this new gaming paradigm.

The fourth highlighted theme was the relationship between esports and content creators in the web3 space. Unlike the unsustainable traditional model, web3 esports aims to align incentives with the community from the beginning. It encourages the creation of communities from the grassroots level and supports smaller content creators to share in the growth of games and communities.

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Lastly, Dizon addressed technical innovation with AI NFTs and the ERC-6551 standard. This standard allows NFTs to own other NFTs, opening new possibilities in web3 game development. Projects like Spacebar and Parallel Colony leverage ERC-6551 and AI elements to create unique experiences, such as AI characters with their own NFT wallets that can interact with both human and non-human players.

Closing the event, YGG’s co-founder reiterated that while there are talented developers worldwide, Asia, especially the Philippines, will lead the adoption of web3 games in the next two years. The YGG Web3 Games Summit provided a glimpse into the future, setting expectations for the industry.

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