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Metacrafters Reveals the Metacrafters Genesis Blocks

Metacrafters, a next-gen learn-and-earn gaming metaverse, has revealed details about the Metacrafters Genesis Blocks and why they are valuable. Metacrafters is a multichain learn-and-earn metaverse that equips users with the skills required to build on-chain and write smart contracts.

The goal of the brand is to onboard the next one million web3 developers with high-quality, interactive blockchain developer training programs. These developers are Crafters, and they will have the chance to learn new and latest skills.

This will help them to advance their skills and employment potential, irrespective of their socio-economic status or physical location.

What are the Genesis Blocks?

The Genesis Blocks are utility-enable relics with the capability to reveal future Metacrafters NFTs and equip the holders with more power based on the rarity qualities of the NFTs. The first collection of the NFTs includes 8,192 ultra-powerful Zeronian Genesis Blocks. This is the first generation of the powerful Master Crafters.

The Genesis Block NFTs will give holders complete access to future NFT drops and early MVP of Metacrafters game and learning platforms. It will also give them access to IRL exclusive events globally and also exclusive utilities, future projects, access points, and collections when the Metacrafters ecosystem opens.


Highlights of the Genesis Block Holder Perks

After the minting event, holders will have access to the Genesis Community and other perks highlighted above. There will be five rarity tiers and those with the rarest qualities will give holders more opportunities to earn.

As holders grow as developers, they become more powerful as crafters and can become Master Crafters and build free and open Web. They will complete several projects and earn extra tokens and NFTs with long-term value and in-game utilities. Participants who complete more courses will earn bigger rewards.

They will access networking opportunities and the job marketplace with IRL employment. Experienced developers that mentor and teach others will also earn some incentives based on the popularity of their courses.

What to Know about the Minting Process

The upcoming Genesis NFT minting event will hold on MagicEden Launchpad, and each token costs 3 $SOL. A total of 8,192 NFTs are available with five rarity tiers. The date for the list mint is 28 June and 29 June for the public mint.

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