Phantom Galaxies Recaps Last Updates: From Anime Series Debut Episode to Gear Collection
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Phantom Galaxies Recaps Last Updates: From Anime Series Debut Episode to Gear Collection


  • Anime Series Launch: The Phantom Galaxies universe has expanded with an anime series, starting with the episode ‘Into the Fire,’ which enriches the game’s lore and attracts new audiences.
  • Patrol Missions Update: A significant game update introduced Patrols, and co-op missions for up to four players, promising more complex future missions and substantial rewards.
  • Gear Collection & Enhancements: The Gear Collection: Rangers I offers new weapons and equipment, while the game itself received various enhancements, including voice lines and rebalanced HEAT generation.

Phantom Galaxies has made a quantum leap this March. The expansive online multiplayer sci-fi mecha action RPG game has not only launched its much-anticipated anime series but also introduced a slew of gameplay enhancements and new NFTs, setting the stage for an action-packed year.

Anime Series Takes Flight

The fictional world of Phantom Galaxies now includes an anime series featuring the first episode, ‘Into the Fire.’ Taking place five years before the events of the game, this episode follows the introduction of Maya Nalini, a fresh member of the Ranger team, as she encounters long-forgotten dangers that lie beyond the domains of pirates and raiders. This storytelling endeavor is poised to deepen the game’s mythology and draw in a wide range of viewers.

Patrol Missions: Co-op Gameplay Evolved

March also saw the release of a significant game update, headlined by the introduction of Patrols. These cooperative missions allow up to four players to team up against pirate adversaries, earning substantial rewards. With the groundwork laid, the developers are crafting more intricate and varied Patrol experiences.

Phantom Galaxies Recaps Last Updates: From Anime Series Debut Episode to Gear Collection

Gear Collection: Rangers I

When players embark on Patrols, they encounter cutting-edge technology. The Gear Collection: Rangers I, constructed on the planet Asterion, provides an array of powerful weapons, thrusters, and shield generators. This equipment is meant to give players the ability to shift the balance in their favor against enemies.

Enhancements Across the Board

Beyond Patrols and Gear, the update brought a host of refinements. New voice lines have polished the opening sequence, the Ranger ABCs Elite Track’s rewards have been enhanced, and HEAT generation has undergone rebalancing, among other improvements.

Exclusive NFTs for Japanese Fans

Phantom Galaxies recently teamed up with Alpha-U to release a collection of unique amethyst-colored Starfighters and Avatars exclusively for Japanese fans. These special NFTs can be found on the aU market and allow players to stand out in the game. As we enter April, Phantom Galaxies continues to raise the bar for immersive gaming experiences.

With anime adventures on the horizon, expanding Patrols and Gear arsenals, and more surprises in store, players are advised to gear up for an exhilarating journey through the Canis Major Galaxy. 

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