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WAX Cloud Wallet Announces a New Update

With the growth of play-to-earn games, WAX Blockchain is innovating to offer more benefits for the $WAXP ecosystem. The blockchain-based metaverse, WAX Blockchain, has announced its commitment to streamline its blockchain and innovate new ways that every WAX Cloud Wallet holder can benefit from.

According to the platform, it will launch many game-changing creative projects, connect with its community on a closer level and substantially grow its reach while supporting upcoming developers with new projects.

As part of its plan for the New Year, the blockchain metaverse has made significant improvements to its WAX Cloud Wallet, which is designed to benefit all community members. It is of interest to mention that the WAX Cloud Wallet is powerful and robust in the NFT space.

It offers developers and creators a supportive and robust ecosystem where they can birth new and exciting products for the NFT community to enjoy.

wax cloud wallet

Highlights of the New Update to the WAX Cloud Wallet

WAX is determined to keep its WAX Cloud Wallet robust and powerful on the metaverse. To continue to position the wallet like this, it has made changes to its new account creations. New account creators are now required to pay a 5 $WAXP fee when they want to newly create an account on the platform.

Prospective account holders have different ways they can explore to pay the fee. Here are the highlights as given by WAX:

  • Pay the fee through Kucoin, Binance, Moonpay, or other exchange platforms where the WAXP token is featured.
  • An existing account can send the 5 $WAXP to the new account creation address. However, it must have the correct memo. 

Why the New Update to the WAX Cloud Wallet

According to the blockchain metaverse, the new update is to help prepare the play-to-earn infrastructure of WAX. The platform is currently exploring the play-to-earn market using the Blockchain Brawlers with more games in the pipeline.

With the growth in the play-to-earn metaverse, WAX believes in maximizing the power of its blockchain. The new process of creating an account will prevent bots and help to keep the WAX platform running seamlessly.

Secondly, it will offer new account holders with CPU and RAM. When new account holders create their account, they will receive CPU and RAM to start collecting NFTs, participating within the DeFi economy, and using dApps.

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