Nakamoto Games Announces New Projects in Weekly Development Sprints
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Nakamoto Games Outlines Plans for Nakaverse Improvements

Nakamoto Games has in a recent announcement outlined its plans to ensure improvements to the Nakaverse. This was made via its weekly press release –  the Sprint. In this week’s edition, the company mentioned that it will be focusing on both the frontend and backend development of its P2E game. Furthermore, there will also be the introduction and implementation of certain tools to the ecosystem.

Details of the Nakaverse Improvements from Nakamoto Games

Nakamoto Games is focused on sustaining, enhancing and refining certain aspects of its Metaverse. That is why part of its improvement plan will feature improvements to the user interface of the Metaverse. As the team believes that this will in turn ensure better playing experiences. There will also be changes to the NFTs and digital assets that players will use for gaming.

Asides from improving gameplay, Nakamoto will also be taking other steps to foster adoption. For example, it will be introducing a plan that will allow users to pay for their assets in instalments. By allowing them to spread the cost across a period of time, it will encourage more users to join its platform.

The Frontend development will feature the following:

  •  Introducing a new staking system with a more flexible APR.

  • Consider free-to-play games to foster further adoption.

  • Create an avenue for instalment payments for items purchased within the NAKAVERSE.

  • Implement NAKAVERSE calculators.

  • Incorporate a tracking to enable investors to monitor their land and other digital assets.

  • UX/UI upgraded for the game loading screen and effect.

The back end will be supporting these new introductions, the Nakamoto dev team will be effecting the following:

  • Develop support API for the Nakaverse calculators.
  • Create structures to support the free-to-play model.
  • Develop foundations for supporting upgrades of buildings and factories in the Nakaverse.
  • Covering all aspects of the testing.

As part of the improvements, there will also be changes to the smart contract. The following will be reviewed:

  • Instalment payment contract
  • Rental asset contract
  • Upgrading building contract
  • Material vault
  • NFT building contract

Second Round of $NAKA Staking

NAKA second native staking

Besides improvements to the Nakaverse, the blockchain gaming outfit is also rewarding users in other ways. Another case is the introduction of the second round of native staking of the $NAKA token. This event will go live on Thursday the 19th of May 2022. On that same day, details of the APR will be made public.

The staking will take place on Nakamoto Game’s website. By hosting it on the official site, it aims to create a seamless experience for users and secure their holdings.

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