Axie Infinity presents the S7 Preseason Cup: Axie Origins
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Axie Infinity Will Host The S7 Pre-Season Cup this Sunday!

Axie Infinity, the popular blockchain game, has announced the arrival of the S7 Preseason Cup, titled “Axie Origins.”

This exciting tournament takes place in anticipation of the start of the game’s Season 7, giving players the opportunity to showcase lethal strategies using evolved Axies parts.

The S7 Preseason Cup will feature a generous prize pool up for grabs, with a total pot of 532 AXS, the native cryptocurrency of the Axie Infinity ecosystem.

Players will compete in a single-elimination format over the course of a one-day event, with best-of-three matchups in the early rounds and best-of-five matchups in the Semifinals and Finals.

The prize distribution is tempting, with the champion taking home 200 AXS and an Origin Axie.

Second place will receive 100 AXS, while third and fourth places will receive 50 AXS each.

The prize extends up to 64th place, with decreasing rewards as we move up the rankings.

A distinctive aspect of the S7 Preseason Cup is the inclusion of all Runes and Enchantments in the game, limited to the S6.5 version.

Either version (S6 or S6.5) is allowed to be used if a Rune or Enchantment has not undergone changes.

However, the use of forbidden Runes and Charms will result in the loss of a game if discovered, applying to the last reported game.

The tournament establishes specific regimes for Runes and Charms based on the ranking of players at different stages of the tournament, from the top 256 to the bottom.

This Axie Infinity Tournament will allow for an unlimited pool of Axies, adding a unique component to the event

To participate in this exciting competition, players must create an account on Community Gaming, click “Join Tournament” and join the tournament’s Discord server.

It is crucial to check-in on the tournament page before the start of the event, and any edits to the registration information must be completed before the check-in process begins.

This tournament is more than just a competition; It is an opportunity for players to show off their tactical skills and innovative strategies with evolved Axies.

The Axie Infinity S7 Preseason Cup promises to be an exciting event that leads the way towards the long-awaited Season 7 of the game.

To access detailed tournament rules, a link to the rulebook is provided in the announcement.

Axie Infinity has unleashed excitement with the arrival of the S7 Preseason Cup, giving players the opportunity to stand out in the competitive arena while showing off lethal combinations with evolved Axies parts.

Get ready to dive into the action and compete for juicy rewards in this unique blockchain tournament!

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