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DeRace announces the Launch of its Efficiency Protocol

The horse-racing metaverse, DeRace, has announced the launch of its DeRace Efficiency Protocol. According to the game metaverse, the efficiency protocol is the first step towards the revolution in the GameFi world.

In celebrating the successful launch, DeRce is holding a meme contest, which will award three winners 100 USDC each. The platform has revealed that it is set to overhaul its platform to introduce an “unrivaled gaming experience” to its players.

The upgrade will also launch the team’s vision to create a complete cross-chain solution for the NFT-based horse-racing metaverse. By integrating the DeRace Efficiency Protocol into its platform, the game metaverse will become more player-friendly, streamlined, and effective.

Benefits of the Efficiency Protocol Integration

For a start, gamers will enjoy speedy in-game interactions irrespective of the network status. They will also experience immediate transactions, removal of gas fee in the game, and smoother performance.

The latest upgrade will also enable the DeRace team to accelerate the speed of the game development and easily integrate fresh features, expansions, and game upgrades. Additionally, the team will introduce several additional features that are initially impossible in the game.


How the DeRace Efficiency Protocol Work

Following the integration of the efficiency protocol, gamers can seamlessly utilize their in-game wallets to interact with the metaverse ecosystem. They will be able to register for races, rent or breed NFT horses in real-time.

The latest wallet features will also enable gamers to deposit their $DERC tokens and NFT assets for more convenient and faster use in-game.

How to Play DeRace Efficiency Upgrade

After the integration of the efficiency protocol, players will need to deposit NFT assets into their in-game wallet to participate in the DeRace metaverse. These assets are Liquid Love, Horses, and other yet-to-be-launched utility NFTs.

When you deposit NFT horses and $DERC tokens in your in-game wallet, you will see them in the inventory and use them to participate in the next-level gaming experience.

How to Deposit and Withdraw NFT Assets and $DERC Tokens

Navigate to “My DERC” on the official website of DeRace and input the token amount you want to deposit into your in-game wallet. Next, click on “Deposit” and confirm your transaction through WalletConenct or Metamask. Ensure you have MATIC on Polygon to pay the transaction fees.

To withdraw, go through the same process but instead of clicking “Deposit”, click “Withdraw”. Next, confirm your transaction through WalletConnect or Metamask. Also, make sure you have MATIC on Polygon for transaction fees when completing your transactions.

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