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MotoGP™ Ignition Champions Set to Launch on July 6, 2022

Following the launch of its Marketplace, MotoGP™ Ignitionan eSports game metaverse, is set to launch its MotoGP™ Ignition Champions. This is the Pre-Season Card Game, which is also referred to as the beta.

The Ignition Champions will go live on July 6 and participants will have the chance to earn REVV at the inaugural event.

How to Participate in the MotoGP™ ignition Championship

The event will use the same Card Collectibles for MotoGP™ Ignition. Participants can choose a team of up to four Riders and one Manufacturer. They can also select any Cards for the Manufacturer and Rider slots. It is recommended that you use a Rider Card to fill up a Rider slot because it has more benefits.

After selecting your Cards, they become locked for the event. The event runs for three days and each day runs one GP. Each race is simulated in a way that the performances of riders are following the real-life performance, variables, and data.

Depending on the performance of your chosen team in a GP, you get to receive some Race Points. These are determined by the final standings in the race as well as your team and rider composition. After completing three GPs, the event will come to an end. Players will be ranked by their Race Points and based on this, they will earn REVV.

MotoGP™ Ignition

What is the Budget of a Team?

Each team formed by players for the MotoGP™ Ignition Champions would have a budget. It should be noted that each Card comes at a price and the cost of all 4 riders and 1 manufacturer must fit into the Team budget.

The budget, which is equal for all gamers, has been set to ensure that there are balanced selections and players are unable to choose the most consistent Manufacturers and Riders.

What are Multipliers and Boosting?

When you have more than one MotoGP™ Ignition Card in your wallet during the Pre-Season, you will unlock the skill to boost your chosen Riders. Players with two MotoGP™ NFTs can boost one Ride to get double points for all races in the event.

Those with three or more MotoGP™ Ignition NFTs can boost another Rider to get triple points for all races. 

How to Complete Your KYC for the Event?

MotoGP™ Ignition requires that players complete KYC to ensure a fair playing environment and protect against malicious players.

Participants in the event can complete their verification before the end of the event so there would be no delay in receiving prizes at the end of the event. You can visit the official website of MotoGP™ Ignition and click “Player Verification” to complete the process.

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