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DEA partners with HEROZ to Launch KAMIYAGURA Card Game

Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA), the PlayMining game developer, announces its partnership with an AI venture company, HEROZ Corporation, to launch the KAMIYAGURA NFT trading card game on PlayMining in 2023 fall.

KAMIYAGURA is a Singaporean word meaning “tower of gods.” Therefore, the game is themed around the magnificent world of gods dwelling in universal nature. KAMIYAGURA is a next-gen trading card game leveraging crypto and NFT assets to provide an authentic gaming experience of the renowned traditional game type.

Gamers will enjoy exceptionally strategic card battles themed around the magnificent worldview where gods dwell in the universe.

Highlights of KAMIYAGURA NFT Game Development

HEROZ Corporation is the development collaborator for KAMIYAGURA and will develop the deck construction, battle system, and gameplay using its advanced Artificial Intelligence technology from Shogi AI development to complete this task.

Additionally, toy creator Shinpei Takahashi will create the game design for this card battle. It is worth mentioning that this creator has vast experience in developing various games and toys.

Following the existing popular card game system, the team will incorporate a unique zone system, KAMIYAGURA, to deliver a better and more immersive game experience.

DEA reveals that the representative of Design Parfait Co., Ltd., Akira Hamada, who worked on the art direction of several popular card games, will handle the art and character production for the card illustration.

He will also have a team of creators working with him to deliver a top-notch trading card game. The game developer also revealed that Jintetsu, a designer with a wealth of experience designing numerous game titles, will handle the key visuals it will unveil during the launch.

According to the game platform, it is committed to continually broadening the lineup of game titles on PlayMining to offer elements of fun and surprise through its different contents to global users.

What to Expect from KAMIYAGURA NFT Trading Card Game

KAMIYAGURA NFT trading game will use cryptographic and NFT assets to create a unique digital game experience for users. Gamers can collect and trade top-designed NFT cards.

Players will also enjoy an impressive world where gods dwell in universal nature, and their worshippers and other races reside together. 

The game will feature highly strategic card battle mechanics incorporating a unique KAMIYAGURA system to enable players to earn DEAPcoin through different in-game ranking events.

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