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GAMEE Set to Launch its G-Bots Pre-Sale on November 2nd 

GAMEE, one of the subsidiaries of Animoca, has revealed its plan to launch its new NFTs, known as the G-Bots, on the 2nd of November at 1 pm UTC. It is a known fact that NFTs are steadily taking over the game world.

Its popularity is mainly attributed to the fact that it gives absolute control to players to own in-game assets. This ownership offers the required basics for the play-to-earn economy. According to the company, there are only 1,000 G-Bot packs available for the pre-sale.

What are GAMEE G-Bots?

G-Bots are Polygon-based NFTs that use ERC-721 standard and they are designed to offer an absolute Play-and-earn experience to users. Players will have the freedom to use G-Bots to play games and get free access to exclusive tournaments in staking, Arc8, and battling with other G-Bots in future games.

Suffice to mention that the bots impact the in-game outcomes and each G-Bot has its unique class, stats set, and rarity. The stats are generated algorithmically according to their rarity, giving each bot distinct sets of strengths and weaknesses within the game.

G-Bots presale

According to GAMEE, the process of buying the G-Bots is easy. However, buyers must have adequate polygon GMEE and MATIC on Polygon so that they can cover the required fees before the pre-sale. They also recommend that buyers should purchase a desktop browser to get the best purchase experience.

How to Purchase G-Bots

GAMEE has highlighted the simple steps that buyers need to follow to purchase the G-Bots. The first thing is for individual buyers to get enough GMEE and MATIC to enable them to pay for the G-Bot pack and gas fees, respectively. Both tokens should be loaded on the buyers’ Polygon.

The next step is to visit gbots.gamee.com to review the prerequisite details and follow the purchase instructions from the site. Buyers also need to connect their wallets to be able to make the purchase.


GAMEE is a subsidiary of Animoca. It is a highly engaging play-and-earn mobile game platform that offers players rewards for efforts and skills. The GAMEE platform is powered by GMEE, a utility token for utility, rewards, action, and purchase through the different GAMEE play-and-earn products. Suffice to mention that G-Bots and Arc8 are the latest blockchains powered by the GMEE token.

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