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Altava Club House to Debut in The Sandbox Metaverse

Altava Group has announced that the Altava club house will come to The Sandbox Metaverse soon. This debut will feature its own experience, LAND and NFT sales. The press release comes after an earlier security scare on the 2nd of December.

Details of Altava Club Debut on The Sandbox Metaverse

Atlava Club House will be coming to Sandbox metaverse very soon. This is because The Sandbox announced a partnership with Altava Group. The collaboration promises immersive gameplay for players and fans alike. There will be various land sales, where interested persons can purchase 3×3 digital plots in the SandVerse. Utility NFTs and other digital collectables will also be available.

More importantly, BAGC Special Edition Avatars will have special utilities within The Sandbox Metaverse. The highlight of this collaboration is the launch of a golf-themed experience. Altava Group will launch a metaverse version of their pop-up store in Seoul. This virtual space will feature their Bored Ape Golf Club (BAGC) collection. It will also incorporate top brands and offer them the opportunity to promote their products and share their stories.

However, this experience will only be ready in 2023. Nonetheless, there will be a pop-up notification within the game and a general press release to inform players when the Altava club house will be available in the Sandbox metaverse.

Update on the Biconomy Security Breach

The Sandbox and Biconomy Security Update

Sometime ago, The Sandbox partnered with Biconomy to enable players pay gas fees using $SAND instead of $MATIC. By 3:00 PM UTC on the 2nd of December 2022, it was discovered that the Forward contract that enables this feature to function was compromised. A hacker was able to control the system because of an error from a Biconomy employee. The cyberterrorist changed the receiver address for the gas fee from the official one to another wallet.

Upon noticing this unauthorized action, The Sandbox revoked this authorization access to prevent further damage. Upon further investigation by the technical team, they discovered that only one user was affected. He paid 86 $SAND in gas fee to the cybercriminal. He has been refunded by Biconmy to compensate for the loss.

Meanwhile, the issue is resolved and users can begin transacting as usual and pay gas fees in The Sandbox’s underlying utility token.

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