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Faraland Launches PvP Tournament – The Era of Legionnaire

A multiplayer RPG NFT-based game on BSC, Faraland, announces the launch of its PvP Tournament – The Era of Legionnaire. The event, slated to start today, September 14, and runs until September 21, has a total prize pool of 26,700 $FARA available for 300 top players to share. 

According to Faraland, gamers must agree to the Commitment Policy for PvP mode fairness to participate in the event.

Highlights of the Ranking System

Each game will receive the base ELO points of 2000, and the system will match each player automatically to similar ranking points. The game platform also assures that the system will extend the ELO gap automatically for a match if it takes a long time to match. 

However, the gap will not surpass 200 ELO. Participating players must note transferring heroes to another wallet means earning ELO based on that hero’s ELO points. Also, the system considers a player defeated after five AFK turns. The gamers’ ELO also reduce by 50 after one day offline.


Terms for Entering the Leaderboard in the PvP Tournament

  • Interested participants must have completed a minimum of 20 PvP matches in the PvP season to become eligible for the top 300 PvP reward.
  • Where the eligible accounts for the reward are less than 300, the balance rewards will return to the Game Incentive Fund.

Highlights of Prizes for the PvP Tournament

A total prize pool of 26,700 $FARA is available for the tournament. Three hundred eligible players will share in this prize pool. In addition to the $FARA prize pool, winning players will receive different items, including Soul Stones, Demon Essence, Aqua Crown, Dark Butter Fly, Rotten Meat, and Chaos Oculus.

Some will also receive Chaos Core, Dark Ore, and Arcane Dust, depending on their positions on the Leaderboard. Faraland also introduces two new reward mechanisms – Top 10 Leaderboard Daily Rewards and Guild Tournament Rewards.

Top 10 Leaderboard Daily Rewards: Players holding the top 10 Leaderboard positions will receive daily rewards of Charm, Rotten Meat, Rattler Tongue, Ox Horn, Arcane Dust, Wolf Fang, and Shaman Eye. The actual items received will depend on the player’s position on the Leaderboard.

Guild Tournament Reward: The game platform will calculate the Guild rank based on Guild Strength, and the index is the sum of the ELO points of all Guild Members. The guild with higher Guild Strength points wins and will receive NFT rewards at the end of the tournament. 

The rewards include Dark Ore, Arcane Dust, Chaos Core, Rotten Meat, Chaos Oculus, Aqua Crown, Dark Butterfly, Demonic Essence, Devine Powder, and Soul Stones.

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