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Cookin Burger Announces Upcoming Updates and Development Roadmap

Do you love playing Cookin Burger? We all do! Perhaps that’s why the game producer, Taketomi, pens the sweetest “Producer Letter” to thank all the love and support fans showered on the game.

The Producer Letter describes the management team’s ideas and plans regarding the future of Cookin’ Burger explicitly.

What are the Future Updates Planned for Cookin’ Burger? 

 In a heartfelt letter, Taketomi apologized for the delay in releasing the updates and announced the plans in detail. These are the functions Cookin’ Burger is planning to implement soon.

Levelling-up Equipments

The team will soon introduce a function to improve the cooking speed of various NFT equipment, such as fryers, drinks, desserts, and grills.

Customizable Menu

You will get more customizable menus, or at least you’ll be allowed to modify the orders (maybe some or all.)


Didn’t you want to hire staff too? If this plan works, a function will be introduced to allow players to hire staff.

Burger Box (with NFTs)

This most remarkable function will allow players to obtain random game assets such as NFTs, staff, and items.

cookin burger


Another feature that allows players to select their desired field is to add a certain tendency to their achievement scores and even their orders.


A function that allows the players to upgrade their NFTs if they meet certain conditions.

Mission & Burger Pass

A function where players can obtain DP rewards or collect items by completing different hours and expand the mission function by purchasing a pass.

Social Features Updates

A function that will allow you to expand your social features, such as your profile and page.

These functions sound so cool, but what is more impressive is that Cookin’ Burger plans to implement leveling-up equipment, a customizable menu, staff, and burger box features by May or June 2023. However, Cookin’ Burger will introduce the other functions later. In addition to this, they also apologized to their fans for a slowdown in development.

Doesn’t this development roadmap and apology in the Producer Letter show the sincerity of the management team of the platform? And they have concluded the letter with a promise of providing development progress details and other updates through Producer Letters, AMA sessions, and Director Letters as they proceed.

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