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Illuvium Postpones Illuvium Beyond Release Time and Releases Brand New Guide

Illuvium has announced the postponement of the Illuvium Beyond release time. While issuing the update, the team apologized for the changes. They went further to assure the community members of their commitment. Meanwhile, they also released a guide regarding the imminent product launch.

Illuvium Beyond is the product of a partnership between Illuvium and ImmutableX. The game publisher wanted to create a project that would be entertaining, accessible and seamless. The final goal is to onboard both traditional and web3 players. It had to develop a fast program that enables easy onboarding while offering smooth gameplay and free transactions to achieve this aim.

Designing the game was the easy part. The real challenge was getting a suitable blockchain to host this project. Illuvium considered many Layer 1 chains. However, none of them seems to meet the requirements. On the other hand, the Layer 2 blockchain ticked the right boxes. This led the team to opt for ImmutableX.

These are the features of ImmutableX that led to this decision:

  • Self-Custody: This blockchain ensures that players own their digital assets in their entirety. It offers true ownership just like Ethereum does.
  • Instant Transactions: ImmutableX can complete up to 9,000 transactions per second. More importantly, users do not need to own native tokens to transact on this web3 network. It used a Starkware programming language known as Cairo to complete the necessary computation.
  • Improved Liquidity: Illuvium adds all its liquidity to the ImmutableX ecosystem. This allows for the listing of digital asset across exchanges that support this blockchain.

Changes to the Illuvium Beyond Release Time

Illuvium Beyond Release Time

The new Iluvium Beyond release time is now 10 PM UTC. However, the date remains the 7th of March, as announced some days ago. According to the tweet, the reason for this postponement is to ensure that everyone has equal opportunities to participate in the launch. The team also thanked community members for their understanding.

The Comprehensive Guide

While making the announcement, Illuvium also released a guide detailing features of Illuvium Beyond. This document includes a tutorial on how to store the digital collectables you gather on your journey. Players who complete these collections will receive album points. There will be a leaderboard, and users will receive rewards for the most points.

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