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PVU Announces Farm 3.3

With lots of festivals around the corner, Plants vs Undead is set to launch Farm 3.3 in the summer. The new PVU update is tagged – New Horizon, and it will go live on the 5th of May 2022. It will feature numerous new additions to the game. Alongside this launch, there will be significant updates and major changes to gameplay.

Details of the PVU Farm 3.3

One of the major changes will include a much improved user experience for the Barn. This in-game feature has been tasked with converting LE to PVU token since the launch of Farm 3.1. In 3.3 however, Plants Vs Undead is looking to expand their function within the game.

In this update, the Barn will now serve as an isometric, cube-based UI and forming a large yard. This will also be some sort of garden where NFTs can be seen moving about and chilling. In other words, there will be separate Barns for undeads, just like there are for plants.

Another intriguing addition is the “Alter of Sacrifice“, where users can trade minor NFTs for boosters. Depending on the type of NFT they burn, players can earn Beast or Plant Essence Which they can now use to boost their favourite digital assets from stage 2 to stage 3.

PVU is also doing a graphic overhaul with the launch of Farm 3.3. In this edition, there will be changes from the main menu to include the following:

  • Farm: Access to your Lands and Farms, take care of the Plants and reap your sweet harvest
  • Gathering: Spend Stamina to play Minigames and earn unique materials to use in other features
  • Barn: Raise and manage your Undead, the backbone of your army
  • Shop: Spend LE to buy necessities to play the game better, such as materials and key items

Shop, Gathering and Other Details

Speaking of the shop, there will be a new location within it – the LE Shop. Like its name states, users will be able to pay for certain items using Light Energy. However, there will be limits to how much items users can purchase from this shop per day. On the other hand, PVU will restock them at 00:00 UTC everyday. Users can also check back every six hours, as there will be regular flash sales on this platform.

Following the drop in resources available for gathering Plants Vs Undead is making amendments in 3.3. This will take the form of “Premium Gathering Map“. Users who have access to the map will get rare items. To access this section however, they will need to have the “King Key”. Other features coming to this update include Skill Tree and Skill books.

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