Star Atlas Advances Decentralization with Inaugural POLIS
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Star Atlas Advances Decentralization with Inaugural POLIS


  • Star Atlas implements its first set of POLIS Improvement Proposals (PIPs) to advance towards political decentralization.
  • The DAO allows community members to propose, debate, and vote on crucial decisions for the future of the ecosystem.
  • The DAO treasury currently holds assets worth $2 million, available to support the growth and development.

In the vast universe of Star Atlas, decentralization emerges as a beacon of innovation and autonomy.

With the implementation of its first POLIS Improvement Proposals (PIPs), Star Atlas opens the doors to a new chapter of community governance.

This pivotal step not only redefines the way decisions are made within the ecosystem, but also strengthens participants’ commitment to collaboratively building a vibrant and dynamic metaverse.

The Star Atlas DAO stands as a rule-based decentralized governance system, enabling POLIS token holders to stake their tokens to earn POLIS Voting Power (PVP).

This weighted voting power allows them to influence crucial decisions, from allocation of assets in the DAO treasury to supporting community projects and designing experiences within the metaverse.

To participate in the DAO, anyone interested in the future of Star Atlas can contribute their voice and vote, regardless of the size of their stake.

This inclusivity reflects Star Atlas’s commitment to equity and democratic participation in shaping its collective destiny.

A New Dawn for the DAO in Star Atlas

With the launch of the foundational PIPs, Star Atlas heralds the beginning of an era of progressive decentralization.

This evolution not only democratizes the decision-making process, but also enhances transparency and accountability within the ecosystem.

As the DAO matures, more aspects of its operation are expected to be managed in a fully decentralized manner, minimizing reliance on external actors and increasing decision-making autonomy on the Solana blockchain.

The DAO treasury, valued at $2 million, is primarily fueled by assets such as ATLAS and USDC, generated through various activities within the game ecosystem.

These funds not only support the ongoing development of projects and technological innovation, but also strengthen the internal economy of the metaverse, providing crucial resources for community initiatives and the long-term well-being of the community.

As the Star Atlas community adapts and grows, the DAO will continue to evolve towards greater autonomy and control over the future of the ecosystem.

With each new proposal and vote, community members not only shape policies and guidelines for Star Atlas, but also shape a virtual universe where creativity, collaboration, and innovation are fundamental pillars.

The launch of the POLIS Improvement Proposals marks a significant milestone in Star Atlas’s journey towards full decentralization.

This bold step not only strengthens the community’s voice, but also sets a precedent for inclusive and participatory governance in the realm of metaverses.

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