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Mist NFT Introduces Mist Scholarship System

The open-world play-to-earn MMORPG game metaverse, Mist NFT has launched its scholarship system, which will enable NFT holders to sponsor other players based on the Tier of their NFTs.

Holders of Higher Tier NFTs can sponsor more players while the NFT owners get a certain percentage of all tokens that their scholars earn. With this new NFT Scholarship system, NFT holders will be able to hire scholars that will help them earn tokens in the game.

It will be a win-win solution for NFT holders and players with no funds to purchase NFT. They will now have the opportunity to play and experience the Mist game and earn tokens while at it.

Why Mist NFT Scholarship System

The NFT items in the Mist metaverse are in-game assets and useful in the game. Most of the NFT items in the game currently are character classes with special abilities, personalities, and definite gameplay styles. 

Nonetheless, the full game launch also brings with it the Mist Scholarship system, which will introduce a new use case to the NFTs in the Mist metaverse. With this new system, NFTs holders can hire scholars with skills to play for them and then share the tokens they earn while playing the game.

mist nft

The system makes it possible for players without money to buy NFTs to play Mist and earn tokens. Holders of higher-level NFTs can sponsor more scholars, and it is also possible to upgrade your NFTs on the Mist NFT marketplace.

Highlights of the Initial Concepts of the Scholarship System

While the final game is subject to change as the team tests, balances, and finalizes the design and mechanism before it goes live, Mist NFT reveals the NFT levels that can sponsor scholars and those that cannot. Here are the highlights:

  • Tier-1 NFTs cannot sponsor any scholars
  • Tier-2 NFTs can sponsor two scholars
  • Tier-3 NFTs can sponsor four scholars
  • Tier-4 NFTs can sponsor eight scholars
  • Tier-5 (Legendary) NFTs can sponsor sixteen scholars
  • First Edition Tier-1 NFTs can sponsor two scholars
  • First Edition Tier-2 NFTs can sponsor four scholars
  • First Edition Tier-3 NFTs can sponsor eight scholars
  • First Edition Tier-4 NFTs can sponsor sixteen scholars
  • First Edition Tier-5 (Legendary) NFTs can sponsor thirty-two scholars

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