Guild of Guardians a New Way to Upgrade Radiance and Enlightenment for Founders & Early-Adopters
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Guild of Guardians a New Way to Upgrade Radiance and Enlightenment for Founders & Early-Adopters


  • Cracked Hearts: New way to improve the Illumination and Radiance of Founding Guardians and Early Adopters in Guild of Guardians.
  • Using the Altar of Sacrifice to create Cracked Hearts by sacrificing Radiant Guardians and $GOG tokens.
  • Available to create Cracked Hearts starting May 8, with in-game use after global launch on May 15.

The introduction of Cracked Hearts in Guild of Guardians marks a significant milestone for players.

This innovation solves the strategic dilemma of managing duplicate Guardians and makes it easier to improve Illumination and Radiance for Founding Guardians and Early Adopters.

The Altar of Sacrifice stands as the sacred place for this transformation, requiring the offering of Radiant Guardians and $GOG tokens to obtain a Cracked Heart, which is then used to upgrade the Guardians.

The Cracked Hearts crafting mechanic varies depending on their rarity, from Cracked Heart Rare to Legendary.

This creates a tiered system that rewards player dedication and strategy.

The exclusivity of Legendary Cracked Hearts, limited to 20,000 units, makes them coveted items of desire, adding an element of competition among players to obtain these high-level upgrades.

The impact of Cracked Hearts will be felt throughout the Guild of Guardians community.

Players will be challenged to make strategic decisions about which Guardians to sacrifice at the Altar of Sacrifice to maximize their upgrades.

This mechanic not only adds depth to the game, but also encourages interaction between players by allowing Cracked Hearts to be traded and sold on the Market.

Guild of Guardians a New Way to Upgrade Radiance and Enlightenment for Founders & Early-Adopters

Emerging strategies and expectations in Guild of Guardians

With the release date approaching, players are eager to experiment with Cracked Hearts and discover new strategies to optimize their teams.

An increase in activity within the game and in the blockchain online community is expected as players share their achievements and strategies to achieve the best results on the Altar of Sacrifice and beyond.

The introduction of Cracked Hearts marks an exciting chapter in the history of the Guild of Guardians.

The combination of gameplay innovation, deep strategy and the thrill of competition between players promises a vibrant and exciting future for all Guardians and Commanders in this epic fantasy adventure.

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