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Gensokishi Metaverse Announces Strategic Partnership with MINE WARZ, to Enhance the Web3 GameFi Ecosystem


  • GENSO and MINE WARZ have teamed up to revolutionize the Web3 GameFi gaming ecosystem.
  • Both projects aim to attract a wider audience through joint promotional activities.
  • The goal is to enhance the player experience with new features and functionalities in both games.

Gensokishi and MINE WARZ form a strategic alliance aiming to revolutionize the Web3 GameFi gaming ecosystem by combining GENSO’s innovation with MINE WARZ’s solid gameplay mechanics.

Both projects are confident in the benefits this partnership will bring to their respective communities. The collaboration is expected to result in a wide range of promotional activities aimed at attracting and engaging a broader audience within the GameFi sector.

The main objective is to improve the player experience on both platforms by integrating new features and functionalities. This will include joint efforts to develop and implement innovations that enrich gameplay and make interaction with the games more rewarding for users.

Gensokishi Aims to Expand its User Base and Empower the Web3

MINE WARZ is known for its engaging gameplay and strong user base. It has been praised for its pre-mining events, which have attracted over 135,000 participants. Operating on the HAVAH network, MINE WARZ has successfully integrated NFTs to enhance the game’s value. Allowing it to establish partnerships with other high-caliber projects such as Yuliverse. ArcheWorld, Drawship Kingdom Reverse, MetaBeat, and League of Kingdoms.

GensoKishi Metaverse Will Introduce Amazing New Features

Both Gensokishi and MINE WARZ aim to take their games to the next level. Providing users with more enriching and immersive experiences. Joint promotional activities, as well as the integration of new features and functionalities, are expected to strengthen the position of both projects in the market. Additionally, the launch of a giveaway event has been announced. Participants will have the chance to win MINE WARZ tokens or Mining Right NFTs.

The alliance between Gensokishi and MINE WARZ represents a significant advancement for both projects and for the Web3 gaming ecosystem as a whole. With new features, promotional activities, and events on the horizon, users can expect better gaming experiences in the future.

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