VOX Will Bring New Events During Gala Games' Mayhem
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VOX Will Bring New Events During Gala Games’ Mayhem


  • VOX’s Grand Plan: VOX, a unique presence in GalaChain, is set to create chaos in the upcoming May Mayhem event. They plan to infiltrate chain-based competitions throughout the month, demanding high performance from competitors.
  • Proto-Vox NFTs and Surprises: New Proto-Vox NFTs will be unveiled throughout May, offering excitement and mystery. The Great Council of VOX will oversee the invasion, selecting an ongoing competition each week and offering digital rewards.
  • Weekly Prizes and the Mystery Box: Weekly prizes will be distributed throughout Mayhem, with many items exclusive to this event. At the end of the month, all given items will be assembled into a special Mystery Box, offering everyone a final chance to join the invasion.

VOX stands out as a unique presence. These little voxel friends have traversed various properties and games over the yearsbut their impact extends beyond any single project on GalaChainVOX was born from the concept of cross-utility, providing users with a metaversal “VOXsona” that transcends individual games.

And now, the stage is set for May Mayhem! While Project Cerberus continues its development, VOX is ready to create some chaos. Let’s dive into the details of this voxel invasion:

VOX’s Grand Plan

VOX has hatched a cunning plan to infiltrate GalaChain. Over the next month, they’ll make appearances in your favorite chain-based competitions. But beware—the demands VOX places on competitors are high. Only those who achieve voxel glory can satisfy their whims!

Proto-Vox NFTs and Surprises

Throughout May, VOX will unveil new Proto-Vox NFTs. These digital treasures promise excitement and mystery. Keep an eye out for these exclusive collectibles!

The Great Council of VOX

The enigmatic “VOX Populi” (as the council insists we address them) oversees the invasion. Each week, they’ll select an ongoing competition and sweeten the pot with digital rewards. Competitors, don’t disappoint—the council is watching!

Week 1: The Bicycle Challenge

From May 6th to May 12th, VOX will reward the greatest competitors in Common Ground World (CGW). But here’s the twist: VOX isn’t interested in leaderboard rankings. Instead, they seek players who’ve sold the most Bicycles. Why Bicycles? Your guess is as good as ours—deciphering VOX’s logic is like understanding a dog’s thoughts.

VOX Will Bring New Events During Gala Games' Mayhem

Adopt Your Own VOX Pupper

And speaking of dogs, VOX offers a unique reward: a super cute ProtoVOX doggo! Finish in the top 100 for total Bicycles sold during Week 1, and this voxelated good boy could be yours. Housebreak him before Project Cerberus launches!

Weekly Prizes and the Mystery Box

Throughout Mayhem, weekly prizes will be distributed. Many items are exclusive to this event. If you miss out, fear not! At month’s end, VOX will assemble all given items into a special Mystery Box, granting everyone a final chance to join the invasion.

Target Farming and CGW Competition

Don’t leave canine ownership to chance. Each week, target farm the VOX prize—it won’t repeat in future weeks. The CGW competition begins soon; practice up for the great VOX invasion!

Maniacal Laughter and the Future of Cubes

Exciting developments unfold in Project Cerberus. Next week, we’ll delve into the latest highlights. For now, VOX remains busy with invasion plans. Brace yourselves—the future is made of cubes, and VOX is on the move.

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