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Apeiron Launches Two New Events. Here the Details


  • Apeiron announces two key events: Support Your Creator Week and the Apeiron Zenith Invitational Tournament.
  • Support Your Creator Week aims to back content creators, allowing players to show their support through social media platforms like Twitter.
  • The Apeiron Zenith Invitational Tournament will gather top players in a competition. It will be divided into three regional conferences.

The gaming platform Apeiron has announced two significant events for its community: Support Your Creator Week and the Apeiron Zenith Invitational Tournament. These aim to promote active player participation and celebrate growth and diversity within the community.

Support Your Creator Week is an initiative aimed at recognizing and supporting platform content creators. During this week, taking place from May 7th to May 14th, 2024, players can show their support for their favorite creators through social media.

They can do so by posting about them on Twitter with the respective tagging, as well as by sharing their standout posts. Additionally, players must complete a form on the Discord server and link their official Apeiron and Discord accounts. Once this process is completed, they will receive a reward of 75 ANIMUS. The chosen creator will also receive 25 ANIMUS as a token of appreciation.

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Apeiron Strengthens its Community and Offers Great Prizes for the Most Committed

On the other hand, the Apeiron Zenith Invitational Tournament is a competitive event that will bring together the best players from the community in an exciting battle. This tournament, held in collaboration with Esports 4 Everyone (E4E). Will feature players who have achieved high performance on the platform during a specific period.

The tournament will be divided into three regional conferences: Southeast Asia, North America and Europe, and South America. Each conference will have eight players competing in a double-elimination format. The prizes for the winners include exclusive in-game items such as mythic cores, golden apostle tickets, and other valuable objects.

These events are part of a strategy that aims to reflect Apeiron’s commitment to fostering an active and diverse community. As well as recognizing and rewarding talent within its player base.

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