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MOBOX has Released Clash of MOland Season 7 Updates

Do you know Mobox, Clash of MOland Season 6 will be temporarily unavailable on 9th March 2023, 2 am to 3 am UTC? Well, the game will go into maintenance and come back with a new season!

And if you are waiting for leaderboard rewards distribution, you must know that all players will get the leadership rewards in their BOX WALLET once the new season opens.

More about The Clash of MOland Season 7 Updates

Here are all the details you must know about The Clash of MOland Season 7 updates announcement:

All New Additions

New Medal shop and arena

There are several new stuff included in this season 7 update. For instance, all players get a new T0 Arena and not only that, but players also get a new medal shop.

New language option

Another amusing update is that if you belong to Russia and struggle with English, you might use this new update. There will be a new Russian language option available in season 7.

Rewards and rankings

The game platform mentioned that Lords who win Arena and Arena T0 challenges would get exciting Arena Medals. However, the new update has no ranking rewards currently—just the Advanced Arena Ranking. 

clash of moland

Legendary update

Witch of Enchantment, as we all know, is an exclusive enchanting skill. And now, the legendary Blacksmith can obtain this skill by forging the legendary equipment “Death Kiss.”

But that’s not the only cool part. The current version of “Witch of Enchantment” damages even when the attack’s target is not in a (burn) state and the Witch of Enchantment is not the commander. Now the effect will damage the skin by an increase of 30%.

Monument Details

There is an addition of the MEC cap reduction feature to the monument. The MEC cap will be reduced by around 8% from the current cap at the beginning of every season. And along with that, a 1:10 ratio will be used to award the Relic Fragments on a reduced MEC cap.

You can use these Relic Fragments to level up the Arena, boost attributes, and gain prosperity. You can also trade these Relic Fragments.

You’ll be able to get a preview of MEC cap reduction data when the clash of MOland Season 7 begins. However, the feature will be effective at the start of season 9.

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