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DeFi Kingdoms Will Launch the New Colosseum Zone on Metis


  • DeFi Kingdoms will implement a PvP system on its platform using the Metis blockchain.
  • The implementation will occur in three phases: private matches, automated tournaments, and finally, custom tournaments.
  • PvP combat will utilize a 3v3 turn-based battle system, offering a consistent and familiar experience for players.

In a strategic move to enhance the gaming experience, DeFi Kingdoms has announced the introduction of player versus player (PvP) combat on its platform. This new feature will take place on Metis blockchain, marking a significant advancement in the game’s evolution.

The implementation of PvP combat will be carried out through the creation of a new zone called the “Colosseum” on Metis. This zone will be developed in three distinct phases to ensure a comprehensive experience for players.

In the first phase, private matches will be introduced, allowing players to customize battle requirements and wager on matchups. This phase will serve as a gentle introduction to the PvP system and allow players to familiarize themselves with its mechanics.

The second phase will include an automated tournament system, where players can participate in tournaments with lucrative prizes. This stage aims to provide players with the opportunity to showcase their skills in a competitive environment.

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DeFi Kingdoms Appeals to an Already Familiar System for its Community to Facilitate Integration

Finally, the third phase will allow players to create and host their own custom tournaments. This feature will give players greater control over their gaming experiences and encourage community participation in the Colosseum.

PvP combat will utilize a 3v3 turn-based battle system. Similar to that used in other game features such as Mad Boar and Bad Motherclucker Void Hunts. This decision ensures a consistent and familiar gaming experience for existing players while offering a new dimension of strategy and competition.

To carry out this new feature, DeFi Kingdoms has established a partnership with Metis Labs, a Layer 2 Ethereum network. Metis Labs will bring its technical expertise and robust infrastructure to ensure a successful and seamless launch of PvP combat in DeFi Kingdoms.

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