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Gamium Reveals Component of its Genesis Building – Oasis Museum

Gamium, the socialize-to-earn NFT-based game platform, has revealed the different components of its Genesis Building. So, what is Genesis? Genesis is a location at the center of Gamium.

It is the place where Avatars can locate the most emblematic buildings in Gamium. It is the conduit between the real and virtual world. Genesis contains numerous buildings where visitors can find exclusive applications.

Genesis Buildings also offer visitors the platform where they can explore unforgettable events and immersive experiences in the Metaverse.

Highlights of Genesis Buildings and the Functionality in Gamium

Genesis Buildings have a plethora of applications and functionality within Gamium. Buildings and their inherent functionalities that users can find include:

  • Oasis: Virtual Museum
  • Verse Tower: Jobs of the Metaverse
  • Gamium World Center: Immersive Finance
  • Inqbia: Augmented Incubation
  • Stadium: Numerous events
  • Gamium Tower: Office and hospitality
  • The Dome: The Center of the Metaverse
  • Gamium Mall: The Metaverse Mall

With numerous features of the Genesis Buildings, there is so much to explore. The focus of Gamium currently is the Oasis – Virtual Museum. That is where the fun is currently happening in the metaverse.


What is the Oasis – Virtual Museum all about?

Oasis is Gamium’s stunning NFT museum. It features a modern, glass dome, technological style with exquisite monochromatic colors. Oasis Virtual Museum is a special meeting point for art lovers and talented artists.

The museum has the most emblematic and historical NFTs, exclusive collections of well-known artists, upcoming artists, and other professional artists looking to hire rooms to display their art.

When you enter the museum for the first time, it will enthrall you and you would not want to leave the place. You do not have to become an NFT artist to fall in love with the Oasis Museum. The truth is that the place can inspire you to become an NFT artist.

What are the Highlights of Oasis?

Oasis is the ideal place for showcasing talented artists, including classic, modern, newbie, or old school. Whoever you are, you are welcome into the world of Oasis. Here are the highlights of the exquisite place.

Oasis Museum Zones: Oasis is grouped into various zones that users can explore. The different zones include:

  • NFTs History Zone
  • Contemporary Art Zone
  • Emerging Artists Zone
  • Hall of Fame
  • Events Zone
  • Gamium Zone

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