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Monsterra Game Partners with BNB Chain to Launch Valentine’s Campaign

The multi-chain NFT-based game with a free-to-play-and-earn mechanism, Monsterra Game has announced plans to launch a Hot Valentine Campaign. The event is slated to run from February 8 to February 15, 2023.

Participants can join to earn double sweet rewards, including exclusive Monsterra NFTs and 14,000 BUSD from BNBChain. According to the game platform, the BUSD is for 1001 lucky winners.

Highlights of the Hot Valentine Campaign

Participants have three tasks to complete from Monsterra. These tasks will be released every two days to enable players to collect the letters. For instance, the first 1001 users to complete the phrase – L-O-V-E-I-S-I-N-T-H-E-A-I-R will partake in the prize pool distribution of 14,000 BUSD.

When a participant completes a task, they will receive a love message or a lettered chocolate. However, this love message is essentially a sorry note indicating that the participant has not won anything. Participants can also swap lettered chocolates among themselves to form the phrase which will create chatter in the community.


Highlights of the Tasks

Task A – Level Up Quickly

Here, participants get to play the Monsterra game and level up to at least level 7. They can use soulcore and free land plots to level up fast. The duration of this task is from February 8 to February 13. Also, the rewards for users include 20 random RARE NFTs for the top twenty winners that achieved the highest level.

Task B – Breed the Mongens

Participants have to breed Mongens two times. They can place two Mongens in the Breeding Den and launch the procedure for a new soul core. Players get rewarded with a ticket, which is equivalent to a new-bred Soulcore. 

The rarer the new Soulcore, the higher the value of the ticket reward the player gets. Monsterra recommends that players attempt to breed more to get special rewards. This event starts on February 10 and ends on February 13.

Task C – Hatch Soulcore for Unique Mongens

This task requires that players put their soulcores in the hatchery to create a unique Mongen offspring with one-of-a-kind DNA codes and features for three times hatching. 

It is worth mentioning that the more Mongens a player hatches, the higher the number of tickets they get to participate in the raffle. This event starts on February 12 and ends on February 13. 

The ticket received during the event will be used for participating in the Random Raffle Event. Moreover, the participants get to receive more valuable in-game rewards, including tokens and NFTs from this event.

The raffle event takes place on February 14 after the winner announcement is made. Also, the game platform mentioned that it will distribute the rewards to winners’ in-game wallets within three to five days of the winner’s announcement.

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