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Monsterra Game Partners with CherryswapNet

The multi-chain NFT-based game with a free-to-play-and-earn mechanism, Monsterra Game, has partnered with CherrySwap, an automatic market-making protocol, to host a Pool Launch. 

The event is scheduled to start at 10:00 UTC, on February 3 and end on March 4, 2023. Participants at the event can farm and pool with attractive rewards in $MSTR and $CHE waiting for them.

Highlights of the MSTR/OKT Pool Launch

Eligible participants must hold OKT, CHE, or MSTR tokens to stake during the event. The MSTR and other tokens are available on the CherrySwap platform

To participate, you are required to stake your LP tokens MSTR/OKT to earn the CHE token. Here are the steps for joining the Pool Launch event:

  • Get your MSTR and OKT through the CherrySwap platform if you do not own any already. You can use USDT/BTC/ETH to swap to OKT and MSTR.
  • Add liquidity by selecting OKT/MSTR and adding the amount you want to stake. Wait for the wallet authorization, and you will receive your OKT/MSTR LP.
  • After the wallet authorization, go ahead to stake the OKT/MSTR LP.
  • Click on the “Harvest” button to harvest the associated CHE token anytime.

monsterra game

Highlights of how to Pool CHE to earn MSTR

You can also pool CHE to earn MSTR. The first step to complete this process is to get the CHE through CherrySwap. To stake the token, go through the CherrySwap platform to find the pool (CHE earn MSTR). Click on this pool link and complete the process to stake CHE. 

You can start harvesting MSTR whenever you want after staking the CHE. The event comes with profitable earnings as users can get an attractive APR and earn in MSTR and CHE. 

Interested participants can find a comprehensive detail of how to get the LP and stake MSTR /OKT on CherrySwap through the official Monsterra Game platform. 

More about CherrySwap and Monsterra Game

CherrySwap is an automatic market-making protocol built on OKXChain. The platform adopts the Automatic Market Maker mechanism to attain self-driven liquidity creation. 

It plans to achieve this with diversified functions, including liquidity mining, lottery, DAO, NFT, and IFO. Monsterra Game is a multi-chain NFT-based game platform with a free-to-play-and-earn game mechanism on Avalanche, OKX, and BNB networks.

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