The Red Village Degen Into Discord Campaign
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The Red Village Announces Degen Into Discord

The Red Village has announced Degen into Discord (DiD). This is part of a campaign that encourages everyone to share their thoughts at the Tavern. Even the Blood Queen is not her fiery self and likes the noise – as long as it entertains her. She even put forth a challenge – Talk the most and learn your stance. This competition comes after the MakeUp Cup launch.

Unlike most discord-centered campaigns, this is not to promote a newly-launched server. Instead, DiD aim to bring back buzz to The Red Village Server. As one of the loudest web3 communities, the team wants to ensure that newcomers feel positive vibes immediately after they join the general chat.

Details of The Red Village Degen Into Discord Campaign

The Red Village Degen Into Discord campaign will start by 00:01 UTC Monday 12th December 2022, or 19:00 ET Sunday 11th December. This exercise will continue until 00:01 UTC Monday 2nd January 2023, or 19:00 ET Sunday 1st January. TRV will use third-party data aggregators to certain the winners.

There are no high demands to earn prizes from this contest. Ask questions, answer questions, enjoy yourself and be a good villager to share from the prize pool. The current crypto winter is challenging, and many people are having it tough. This is why the team provides everyone with a safe and fun place to hang out and engage with others. No one should be entering the New Year in a gloomy mood, especially with the release of some Summoned Beasts.

The top 50 members with the most engagements will enjoy multiple benefits. Below is the breakdown of rewards for participants:

  • 1st to 3rd positions: Stance reveal any Champion they own. There will be a public reveal of that Champion’s preferred Fighting Stance.
  • 4th to 25th positions: Full refund of a Summon. This must be a private Summon.
  • 26th to 50th positions: 50% discount off a Summon via a refund. This must be a private Summon.

Terms and Conditions

The Red Village Degen Into Discord

Villagers that are interested in this campaign must abide by the following rules and regulations:

  • TRV reserves the absolute right to change the prizes at their discretion until the event finishes at 00:01 on the 2nd of January UTC or 19:01 ET on the 1st of January 2023.
  • TRV team members are restricted from participating in this campaign.
  • Users who force conversations or spam the group with messages to gain an edge over others will be disqualified. This includes sending too many GIFs to the general chat. For messages to count, there must be conversations.
  • The winners must redeem their prizes before the 31st of January, 2023.

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