Axie Infinity Origins Season 5 Mystic Era Goes Live
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Axie Infinity Origins Season 5 Mystic Era Goes Live

Axie Infinity launches the Origins Season 5 Mystic Era. This is the final round of gameplay for this series, and the team is encouraging everyone to give one last push. The Epic Era showcased some exciting gaming experiences, and the Axie is hoping for an even better one. Furthermore, the top contestant will receive a mammoth reward.

Details of the Axie Infinity Origins Season 5 Mystic Era

The Mystic Era begins on the 23rd of August and will continue till the 6th of September. Within this period, participants will vie for a share in the prize pool of 38,250 $AXS. This reward is 45% of the total incentives set aside for the entire Season 5. In addition to that, everyone who finishes in the top 40,000 spots on the ratings will receive exclusive cosmetics as incentives.

More so, the number one player on the leaderboard will get 1,000 $AXS. That is not all. Everyone who ranks in the top 5,000 positions will receive at least 1 $AXS. This is the minimum earnings, as contestants who meet these criteria will most likely earn more than that amount.

As with usual practice, all runes and charms will be available for crafting over the next 14 days. In addition, players can now access the Master Crafting feature. This means that users can now create potent power-ups that they can use to turn the tide during battles.

During the Epic Era, users utilized archetypes like Summon Sustain, Hot Butt Curse, Confused Curse, Sleep Poison, Leafy, Turbo Topaz, and Shellshock Sustain. With all boosters unlocked, the team is expecting players to utilize even more potent boosters to win more battles and rise up the leaderboard.

Daily Login Bonus

Daily Login Bonus

Axie Infinity is introducing a Daily Login Bonus system to the Season 5 Mystic Era. As the Axie Infinity Origins Mystic Era goes live, individuals will earn rewards by simply accessing their accounts every day. Even better, players do not have to do anything extra besides logging into their profiles. This feature will run from the 23rd of August to the 6th of September.

Unlike most daily login bonuses, people will not start the process all over again if they miss one day. Instead, they will simply skip the reward for that day. Contestants can then aim for the next reward and login to claim it.

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