World of Cryptoids Patch Note 2.1
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World of Cryptoids Releases Patch Note 2.1

World of Cryptoids issues a new update to the game Patch Note 2.1. The new patch is an upgrade to the recently released 2.0 version of the game. This update comes after the introduction of Animal Cryptoids and adjustments to the Arena and Adventure modes. Details of this patch are outlined below.

Details of the World of Cryptoids Releases Patch Note 2.1

The Patch Note 2.1 will be introducing changes to the Ultimate Challenge mode of the game. In addition, they are also balancing the battle power of the races. This will ensure that the Cryptoids will become stronger than ever. One of the reasons World of Crytoids is making in-game characters stronger is to enable players to overcome strong opponents.

However, all Cryptoids will be set to Level 1 once they enter the Ultimate Challenge. In addition, it is decreasing the reward for the longest winning streak from 2% to 1%. On the other hand, it is increasing the Last Winner’s reward from 1% to 2%. Besides the reward system, the WOrld of Cryptoids Patch Note 2.1 will also feature changes to the in-game combat.

One of such is the reduction of critical strike chances for Food, Fashion, Technology and Spirit. Similarly, there will be a reduction in the miss chances for Vitamin, Animal Food and Fashion. It is also increasing the friend’s list cap from 10 to 30. In addition, there will be adjustments to the Daily Quest. Henceforth, users who send 10 Energy to their friends will receive 3 Energy as a reward. Still on the Daily Quest, players can now receive up to 20 Energy. This is a massive upgrade from the default 10 (5 from Daily Quest and 5 from friends).

Adjustment to the Arena and Adventure

World of Cryptoids Arena and Adventure Update

As mentioned earlier, there were recent changes to the adventure and arena aspects of gameplay. For the Arena Mode, the maximum daily output is now set at 180mCGC. In addition, players who spend energy to fight will receive 30mCGC. However, only regular cryptoids will enjoy these benefits. Free novice cryptoids will not yield this reward. There will be no mCGC rewards for users with no Energy. Even better, there will be no Energy deduction from players who lose a game.

Similarly, the max daily output for the Adventure mode is 180mCGC. Also, there will be no reduction of energy from players who lose. However, players will have no energy can still earn from this mode of gameplay. The daily reward is now reduced from 30mCGC to 15mCGC. The changes to the daily reward will take effect from the 17th of March by 5:00 PM UTC. While other adjustments will take place from 5:00 AM on the 18th of March.

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