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Buying a LAND in Gamium – What are the Benefits?

Gamium, a socialize-to-earn NFT-based metaverse, launched the sales of its LAND on March 18, 2022. This Land sale belongs to the first drop and account to the game platform, the campaign has been successful with the MAU Island 1×1 LANDs already sold out within 96 hours.

To encourage prospective buyers of Gamium Land, the platform has released the benefits associated with buying Gamium Land. It is worth mentioning that real estate is becoming an exploding market in the Metaverse and attracting new investors from every walk of life.

Decentraland and the Sandbox are the two biggest names that have sold Land in the metaverse with real-world brands buying Land in their metaverse. While buying LAND in the Metaverse is not for everyone, investing in the NFT and crypto market is undoubtedly a smart choice.

Investors that buy LAND in the Gamium Metaverse can look forward to reaping the benefits in the nearest future.

Benefits Associated with buying LAND in the Gamium Metaverse

Becoming landowners in the Gamium Metaverse comes with a lot of benefits. Investors can build, create, and earn income from their LANDs. Here are some benefits.

Live in your Dream House

LAND owners can deploy exceptional BUILDINGs on the LAND and they can access exclusive features from these assets. They can explore different types of properties with different sizes, designs, colors, and materials. Owners can live in a house they have always dreamed of while showing it off to friends.

Rent out your LANDs

LAND owners will also have the opportunity to rent out their LANDs to brands and individuals over a period and at a cost. With this, you can monetize your LAND even if you do not want to build on it.


Advertise your Brand

Companies can buy LANDs and advertise their brands on their properties. Individuals can also rent or sell space to companies for advert purposes. The bigger the LAND you buy, the more space you would have to monetize in the long run.


LAND owners also have the freedom to establish online stores on their LAND. Customers can buy NFTs of the owner’s eCommerce products or services and get those items shipped to an address.

Create Social Experiences

Owners of LANDs in Gamium can also build social experiences, such as hosting parties or special events for everyone. They can also hold events for Avatars that have purchased from their NFT collection.

There is so much more that LAND owners can do with their LANDs on the Gamium Metaverse.

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