Top Blockchain Games with immersive gameplay experiences
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Blockchain Games with the Most Immersive Gameplay Experiences

Before now, most blockchain games tend to very routine in the style of play. It made blockchain games less exciting than regular video games. The lack of excitement is one of the reasons for the sluggish adoption of video games. As such, there was a need to create games with more exciting immersive gameplay experiences.

Blockchains with the Most Immersive Gameplay Experiences

Immersive experiences refer to other aspects of the game that divert from the initial storyline of the game. It ranges from relaxing mini-games for whiling away time to intense PVP action. Without much ado, here are blockchain games with the best immersive gameplay experiences.

Plants Vs Undead

Leaderboard of PVU Rank Mode

Plants Vs Undead has grown significantly since its official launch. What began as a farming game has grown into an entire ecosystem. In the farm mode, you can grow your plants and earn light energy. Besides farming, there is also the player vs player (PVP) mode. In PVP mode, players engage in combats against one another and the winner earn battle point (BP).

Furthermore, PVU now operates in season like in real life. In this off season, users cannot farm plants. Instead, you will engage in fishing or other non-farming activities. Recently, Plants Vs Undead offered undead eggs for sale. After this sale, it also announced that Undeads will now constitute part of your army to fight enemies.


Sandbox Alpha Collection Drop

Sandbox offers one of the most immersive gaming experiences.  It has grown way beyond being just a virtual world. As of this moment, Sandbox is currently a metaverse that house many other different metaverses. For example, it launched the sale of LANDs within the Snoopverse. The Snoopverse is a metaverse within the Sandverse.

Another incident is the partnership with Warner Music Group. Sandbox also partnered with Shoemaker Crater NFT on a proposed gaming adventure. It now allows users to create their own playing experiences and earn rewards while by playing it. Players can also customize their avatars using collectables from other NFT outfits.


Billboards in DeRace Beta Game

Despite making it obvious that there were big plans for the game, nobody expected that the game will grow to this large extent. What began as a simple eSports game has grown into an entire racing ecosystem. Players can now do more than just setting their horses up for racing. DeRace is constantly introducing new ways for players to enjoy the game. One of such is the introduction of predictions.

In this feature, players can predict the outcome of a race and bet on it. On the other hand, you can also sell your predictions on the in-game marketplace. One major benefit of selling predictions is that you do not need to own a race horse. The game recently introduced the breeding feature. Players can trade horse NFTs in the in-game marketplace.

Star Atlas

Star Atlas Immersive gameplay experiences

Earlier in December 2021, Star Atlas announced the launch of a mini-game titled SCORE. This translates to Ship Commissions on Remote Expeditions. In this mode, players can send their ships on expeditions and earn tokens for doing so. All you need to do is supply food, fuel, and ammo to your ship. While unveiling this feature, Star Atlas admits that this game mode is actually a different approach to crypto staking. However, this already adds to the immersive gameplay experience that Star Atlas already offers.


Gotchiverse immersive gameplay experiences

Aavegotchi is an arcade style game where gameplay is endless. From the start, the game already creates avenues for players to engage in various game modes. Just like Sandbox, players can explore and interact within Aavegotchi’s digital universe. There are currently three aspects of gaming experiences in Aavegotchi game.

They include Farming, Exploring and Channelling. In this mode, players farm for alchemica deposits within their land parcels in the Gochiverse. Exploring and Channelling are also means of earning these deposits in the Aavegotchi metaverse. Earlier in August, the blockchain gaming outfit announced plans to enable developers to build mini-games for Aavegotchi NFTs. A wiki release also indicates that a series of immersive games will be coming to the Gotchiverse.

How Immersive Gameplay Experiences will Drive the Adoption of GameFi

immersive gameplay experiences

Immersive gameplay experiences are crucial when it comes to videos games. Blockchain games are no different. Besides the actual plot of the game, having side additions are very vital. Most blockchain games are already introducing other exciting forms of playing experiences

The player vs player mode has also transcended into an important aspect of gameplay. Soon enough, there will be introduction of further immersive gameplay experiences. However, the transition will ball down to their acceptance by community members. This is alongside sustainability on the part of the in-game economy.

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