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PVU Announces Airdrop Event for Land Owners

PVU is rewarding community members who partook in the recent land offering. This reward will take the form of an airdrop event. Considering the turnout of land sales, Plants Vs Undead is also using this airdrop to celebrate the positive outcomes. Here are the details.

Details of the PVU Airdrop Event for Land Owners

The PVU airdrop event will take place in the middle of April 2022. Which will be after launch of the FactoryChain that comes after the version 3.3. This will come after the end of the ongoing Land sale. As for the sale itself, it will continue till the 31st of March.

Unlike most airdrops, this reward event will feature the use of NFTs. Buyers will earn these benefits for each portion they buy. These means that, they’ll get more NFTs if they buy more Lands. Plants Vs Undead gave a breakdown of how it will reward users who buy Lands. Below is the breakdown:

PVU Land Sale

For the Ongoing sale:

  • Users who buy XXL Land will get: 1 Epic Undead Egg and 2 Epic Stage 2 NFT Plants
  • Individuals who buy XL Land will get: 1 Rare Undead Egg and 1 Epic Stage 2 NFT Plant
  • Users who buy L Land, will get: 1 Common undead egg and 1 Rare Stage 2 Plant
  • Players that buy M Land will get: 1 Common Undead Egg
  • Users who buy a GACHA Land (regardless of the result) will get: 1 Epic Stage 2 NFT Plant.

For Old Land Owners:

PVU is not just rewarding users who will participate in the ongoing land offering. Even users who bought land in the past will receive rewards.

  • All old land owners will get: 1 Epic Undead Egg and 2 Epic Stage 2 NFT Plants.

Unlike new users, old buyers will get the same amount of airdrop rewards. Regardless of the amount of Land they own.

Other Details

Looking at the rewards, all the Plants are Stage 2 plants. This is because PVU will be converting all the current Plants to Stage 1 level after the 3.3 update. As such, it is using this opportunity to give users the more powerful Stage 2 NFTs. Despite these changes, the LE generation rate for respective Plants will remain the same. This is essential to ensuring that it doesn’t hamper the benefits users will be getting. However, they will certainly be changes to appearances and functionality.

Plants Vs Undead also uses these opportunity to appreciate its community. It also promises to keep providing them with the best services.

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