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How Much Does it Cost to Start Playing Star Atlas

Star Atlas is one of the most intriguing blockchain games. This space exploration game has endeared many GameFi enthusiasts. Despite already offering immersive gameplay, the developers are working towards introducing more exciting features. We are issuing this guide on the cost to start playing Star Atlas. This will help gamers prepare for the product launch that may happen soon.

Understanding the Basics of the Star Atlas

As mentioned above, Star Atlas is a space exploration game that allows players to explore the entire universe. However, gameplay exceeds expedition and users can participate in a real galactic economy. The game is only available for Windows PC.

Below is a breakdown of the gaming opportunities open to players:

  • PVP Combats
  • Farming
  • Crafting
  • Mining

Before ascertaining the cost to start playing Star Atlas, we must understand its playing and earning mechanism. Before the launch, the team stated that the game would not be free-to-play. As such, players must pay for their buy-in to begin gaming.

To understand the implications of this approach, we must examine what players need to begin gameplay. Below are the digital assets that you need to begin your adventure:

  • Spaceships: They are the primary items players need to begin their space exploration. Their sizes determine the number of crew members you can have onboard. It holds a general, commanders, pilots, co-pilots, scanners, engineers, multiple operators, foremen, etc. Prices are usually within millions of $USDC.
  • Airbikes: These smaller versions of spaceships help launch and retrieve drones. Due to their size, they can only carry a pilot, captain, co-pilot, 2 rescuers and drone operators. Users can get them for 500 to 2,000 $USDC.
  • Resources: Even with vehicles, players need consumable items like Toolkits, Ammunition, Food, Fuel, etc. You can obtain them with 0.0006 $ATLAS. However, they demand recurrent purchases.
  • Access Badges: These digital assets give users access to certain benefits and events. Their prices fall within the range of 100 $USDC.
  • Structures: These buildings enable players to complete different functions, from claiming lands to mining their resources. Most of them are not available for trading yet.
  • Collectibles: Unlike most collectible NFTs, these items have in-game utility. For example, the Exclusive Human Space Suit protects people from harmful cosmic radiation and boosts their health. Prizes range between 30 $USDC and above.

What Does it Cost to start playing Star Atlas?

star atlas

Note: Details in this guide were obtained from the Star Atlas marketplace.

With the information above, we can deduce that it will cost a minimum of 500 $USDC- to purchase an Airbike. It is essential to know that these prices aren’t final, as most sales are already completed. As such, you will be buying NFTs from other users.

The Galactic Marketplace allows you to state your price, even when it is below what most sellers are willing to take. You can also check with the platform to see if there are new listings. In addition, there are also flash sales, where specific items are sold at a discount. Meaning that it may not cost you up to 500 $USDC to start playing Star Atlas.

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