5 Ways to Make Money in the Sandbox Game
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5 Ways to Make Money in the Sandbox Game

The Sandbox is a crypto-based 3D virtual universe where gamers can own and build on virtual Lands and also make money from the gaming experience. It uses a play-to-earn mechanism to reward gamers on its platform. 

The game platform features about 166,464 land parcels available for sale. The goal is to create a universe with user-generated landscapes, buildings, characters, and objects. The Sandbox was first launched in 2011 as a mobile game. 

It moved into the blockchain ecosystem in 2018 to offer players the chance to create and own NFTs. That means players can design virtual mini-games and unique locations. 

How Sandbox Works

The Sandbox offers all users an opportunity to design characters, create a game, and earn SAND tokens when they complete quests. To get started in the creative universe, you need to own land. Parcels of LAND are an area where owners can build, develop games and other assets, and turn the same into profits. 

Users can combine many plots to build an Estate. They can also buy a part of a district. LAND owners can also rent out their parcels to others for more collaboration. The value of the SAND token is $1.12 at the time of writing this post.the sandbox

How to Make Money in the Sandbox

  1. Create Games and Monetize your Creation

The Sandbox offers its users the opportunity to create play-to-earn games and make money from them. The first step is to install the Game Maker app. You can then use the various features on the app to create your game.

You can then add the digital assets you created with VoxEdit as NFTs to your game. When you are done creating your game, simply import it to your Sandbox realm and invite players to play. You can charge for renting out your games to players.

  1. Creation of Digital Assets

Users can create and market digital items in the marketplace to earn money. If you are a developer, you will make decent profits by selling digital assets on the platform. Here are steps to create and market your creations on the Sandbox metaverse.

  • Install and run the VoxEdit on your device. VoxEdit is a free app, so you can install it right away.
  • Next, create an NFT asset.
  • Visit the modeler section to export or generate the avatar you designed. When you are done with your creation, export the NFT content you created to the Sandbox marketplace. To do this.

Select File Option and then select “Export”. Next, choose “Export to Marketplace” and that is all. Your NFT will be available on the marketplace for sale.

the sandbox

  1. Rent out LAND

Buying a LAND in the Sandbox virtual world is an investment. You can lease out your parcel of land to anyone looking to use it. Then, you can earn money from rental. The first step to earning from your Land is to make your property available for lease.

The best way to go about it is to buy digital content from a marketplace to make your land attractive to potential renters. If your land is attractive enough to renters, you will earn a premium on the rental.

  1. Sell your Virtual Property

We must mention that it is not easy to buy Land in the Sandbox. You have to follow the sale process, which takes place on the official site on designated days. If you are lucky to buy it during a sale event, you can sell it to others at a premium price

  1. Invest in $SAND

The Sandbox token, $SAND, is one of the top crypto tokens in the metaverse. Although it experienced a dip as a result of current realities in the market, it is likely to increase in price when things get better. A $SAND token is currently valued at $1.12. You can invest in it now and wait for the price to increase to sell.


There are different ways to make money in the Sandbox. The primary idea is to create unique items to sell in the metaverse. Arts can sell their creation on the marketplace to earn SAND. Game designers can also develop games, offer them to players, and earn from them. When you own LAND in the game, you also earn money. 

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