"Echoes of Empire": Gala Games' Latest Space Adventure
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Gala Games Reveals Upcoming Features & Upgrades for Echoes of Empire


  • “Echoes of Empire”: A 4X game from Gala Games that challenges players to conquer space and compete for galactic dominance.
  • Build and defend: Strengthen your base, explore new territories and protect your resources against enemy attacks.
  • Upcoming improvements: From capital ship combat to PvE battles and clan formation, the game continues to evolve to offer an even more exciting experience.

In the vast and tumultuous universe of Echoes of Empire, a 4X game from Gala Games, players are immersed in an epic adventure of space conquest.

Developed by Ion Games and Gala, this property-enabled web3 game offers a unique experience where competition and strategy intertwine in a fight for galactic control.

In Echoes of Empire, players have the opportunity to forge their own destiny in a cosmos affected by the legacy of the ancient Empire.

As noble houses fight for power and control, each strategic decision becomes a crucial step toward domination or ruin.

The game focuses on building and upgrading the player’s Main Base, transforming it into an impenetrable fortress capable of withstanding enemy attacks and thriving in a hostile environment.

Mining resources from Celestial Items controlled by other players is essential to obtaining Stardust, the virtual currency that powers the game’s economy and unlocks valuable rewards.

With exciting features and updates, Echoes of Empire promises to take the gaming experience to new heights

From updating Capital Ship combat to implementing real-time movement of player fleets, each improvement offers new opportunities and challenges for galactic adventurers.

Additionally, the introduction of PvE battles, clan creation, and skill tree expansion promise to further enrich the gameplay experience, giving players the opportunity to explore deeper strategies and form powerful alliances in their quest for dominance.

Echoes of Empire invites players to immerse themselves in a universe of infinite possibilities, where strategy and cunning are the keys to success.

Whether exploring new territories, establishing alliances with other players or defending one’s own base against enemy attacks, each action defines the player’s destiny in this exciting journey through the stars.

Echoes of Empire offers an immersive and challenging gameplay experience that captures the excitement and grandeur of space conquest.

With its combination of strategic action, intense competition and an expansive universe to discover, this game promises to be an unforgettable adventure for all who dare to conquer space.

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