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What’s New for DeRace? Monthly Development Review


  • DeRace has revealed its roadmap for 2024, with the aim of establishing itself as a leader in the sports category and as a pioneer in the GameFi universe.
  • During February 2024, the platform has enhanced tournament functionalities, introducing more flexible and robust options for a richer and dynamic competitive experience.
  • The platform has launched a new type of race called “Donkey Races,” which rewards the three least successful horses.

During February 2024, the DeRace platform has been working diligently to implement new features, improve existing ones, and plan its future. This platform, focused on NFT horse racing, has unveiled its roadmap for the year, aiming to establish DeRace as a leader in the sports category and as a pioneer in the GameFi universe.

DeRace’s 2024 roadmap has been the result of extensive discussions with the team and deep interaction with the community. This ambitious plan primarily aims for full integration of multiple chains, player-driven features, positive environments for athletes, and easy accessibility, reflecting its dedication to shaping the future of gaming.

Among the most notable improvements are tournament functionalities. During this month, DeRace has worked on creating a more flexible and robust tournament framework allowing a wider range of competitions. With the introduction of new options for tournament creation, such as different track lengths and broader horse performance rankings, the aim is to provide a richer and dynamic competitive experience for players.

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DeRace Aims to Lead its Sector With a More Integrated and Competitive Community

One of the most exciting innovations is the launch of “Donkey Races.” This new type of race rewards the three least successful horses, thus reversing the traditional race reward structure and adding a completely new strategic twist to DeRace.

Additionally, DeRace has been working on the Teams/Clubs feature to add a sense of community to the platform. From creating a dedicated settings page for teams to adding a Hall of Fame section in the Team Stables tab.

Last but not least, DeRace is committed to continuously enhancing the user experience. During this month, technical improvements have been made to optimize the database and address minor issues. Contributing to a smoother and more reliable gaming experience for all users.

With an ambitious roadmap and a player-centric approach, DeRace continues to position itself as a leading platform in the exciting world of NFT-based gaming.

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