PvP Tournament "The Age of the Legionnaire": From March 4 to 11, 2024 in Faraland
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Faraland Announces New PvP Tournament Starting Today


  • PvP Tournament “The Age of the Legionnaire”: From March 4 to 11, 2024 in Faraland.
  • Integrity and Fairness: Strict measures against bug exploitation.
  • Challenges and Strategies: Exciting battles based on the ELO system and player groups.

In the vibrant world of Faraland, an exciting event is coming up that will test players skills in PvP combat.

The PvP Tournament, known as “The Age of the Legionnaire”, will take place from 19:00 UTC on March 4, 2024 to 21:00 UTC on March 11, 2024.

This tournament promises intense challenges, tempting rewards and, above all, an atmosphere of fair and exciting competition.

One of the fundamental premises of this tournament is the integrity of the game.

The organizers have made clear their strong stance against exploiting bugs to gain unfair advantages.

They warn that strict action will be taken against those found to be engaging in such activity.

Players are urged to report any cases of bug exploitation, providing evidence in the form of video, images, or other means.

Serious consequences have been set for those found guilty, including the deduction of 100 ELO points from their rating.

To fully participate in the tournament in Faraland and receive additional guild rewards at the end

However, it is important to note that if a player decides to change guilds during the tournament, their ELO score will be reset to 2000.

The tournament’s ranking system is based on the players ELO, starting at 2000 points.

Faraland Announces New PvP Tournament Starting Today

After the first 20 matches, players will be divided into different groups based on their position on the leaderboard.

Each group is assigned a specific number of bots to ensure balance in matchmaking.

Players can only face opponents within their own group during four specific time slots throughout the day.

The amount of ELO points gained or lost in each match depends on the ELO difference between the players involved.

Additionally, specific requirements have been set for the heroes that players can use in the tournament.

Players are required to have at least three heroes, while those with one or two heroes will automatically face bots.

“The Age of the Legionnaire” promises to be an exciting and challenging tournament that tests players skills and strategies in a fair and balanced environment.

With clear rules, a well-defined ranking system, and crackdowns on bug exploitation, this tournament promises to be a memorable experience for all participants in Faraland.

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