Everdome SPACES Open a Whole New World of Creativity
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Everdome SPACES Open a Whole New World of Creativity

Everdome SPACES is a new product that enables users to create and customize their own spaces in the metaverse.

So, it allows users to design their own areas, invite guests, and show their space, brand, or product in a novel and easy-to-use web3 setting.

How Does Everdome SPACES Work?

Firstly, Everdome SPACES is a web application for both web2 and web3 users, and they can choose from a variety of templates and themes to create their own spaces.

Secondly, they can also select the look and feel of their spaces by adding objects, textures, colors, sounds, and effects. Finally, users can invite guests to their spaces by sharing the QR code or link.

What are the Benefits of SPACES?

SPACES offers users many benefits, letting them make new scenes and see the metaverse in action.


Users can show their creativity and express themselves in unique ways. They can create spaces that reflect their interests, hobbies, passions, or goals.


Users can engage with their guests in fun and interactive ways. They can chat, play games, watch videos, listen to music, or even collaborate on projects.


Users can access Everdome SPACES from anywhere and anytime. Also, they do not need to download any software or install any tools. They can use any device that has a browser and internet access.


Users do not need to pay any fees to use Everdome SPACES, and they can create and join as many spaces as they want for free.

How Does Everdome SPACES Work?

Who Can Use SPACES?

SPACES is suitable for anyone who wants to show their skills in a metaverse setting.

Firstly, individuals can use it to create spaces for their own users or their friends and family. They can use it for fun, games, education, or social activities.

Secondly, brands can use it to create branded spaces for their customers and fans. Therefore, they can use it for marketing, promotion, loyalty, or feedback.

Finally, organizations can use it to make professional spaces for their peers and partners. So, they can use it for training, communication, collabs, and more.

How to Get Started with SPACES?

SPACES is currently in the alpha stage and is only for people who own land on the platform. These are users who own virtual land in Everdome City, the first proper metaverse Martian outpost.

So, to own land there, users need to buy DOME tokens, which are available on many exchanges and platforms.

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