Elfin Kingdom NFT Staking Campaign Goes Live
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Elfin Kingdom NFT Staking Campaign Goes Live

Elfin Kingdom Games has launched its NFT staking campaign.  This is an opportunity for members to earn $25,000 worth of $ELFIN tokens, special access to exclusive events, and VIP testnet access. Participants will also receive special badges, digital items, and additional benefits.

According to the press release, this event is open to individuals holding Elfin digital assets and those who own partner NFTs. While making the announcement, the team shared a guide on how interested individuals can join. This includes a QA style of FAQ. They also highlighted the different timelines of activities.

Details of the Elfin kingdom NFT Staking

The staking campaign will run from the 24th of May to the 2nd of June. However, it will begin with holders of Elfin NFTs. These individuals will be prioritized and can make deposits from the 24th to the 30th of May. After that, owners of Elfin Kingdom’s partner BSC NFTs can begin depositing their digital assets from the 30th of May till the 2nd of June.

For record purposes, the eligible digital assets include the following:

  • Elfin NFTs
  • Elfin NFT passes
  • Other BSC NFTs

The Elfin Kingdom stake campaign is only open to players who possess the above-mentioned digital items. However, eligible users must visit the Galxe or TaskOn websites and complete specific tasks. These missions are very simple and may include the following:

  • Following Elfin Games on Twitter
  • Liking and retweeting specific tweets.
  • Joining the Elfin Telegram Channel
  • Signing up for the Elfin Games newsletter
  • Joining Elfin Discord Server

After finishing the missions, users can explore the available staking option and choose the package that suits them. People must connect their Metamask wallet to the platform. Therefore, they will need to transfer their digital assets to Metamask.

Details of the Elfin kingdom NFT Staking

More so, the time individuals make their deposit Is important. Those who stake their NFTs earlier will receive more significant APYs than players who do so at a later date. While staking, users must wait till the process is complete and the system shows them the results.

Meanwhile, it is advisable to deposit digital assets that players can lock in within the stipulated period. The reason is that unstacking the NFT will cause users to lose the rewards they have accused. Furthermore, re-staking it will begin counting from the new date.

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