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TapFantasy Set to Release TRON Mystery Boxes on APENFT Launchpad

TapFantasy is set to release the TRON Mystery Boxes for minting on the APENFT launchpad. The team opted for this platform because it is a leading NFT marketplace built on the TRON blockchain. While making the announcement, they also gave insights into what players should expect from these digital assets.

In addition, TapFantasy also clarified how users could swap their NFTs from one blockchain to the other. The game is only available on the BNB chain and Solana network. However, the NFTs are available on the TRON blockchain alongside Solana and BNB chain.

There is a cross-chain bridge for users to swap their digital assets between different web3 networks to enable easy transactions. However, this bridge only works for NFTs, not mystery boxes. In this regard, buyers must open their secret packages and unveil what it contains before swapping.

Details of the TapFantasy TRON Mystery Boxes Mint

The TapFantasy TRON Mystery Boxes will be available for minting from 8:00 AM UTC on the 8th of February. Once it’s time, investors can visit the APENFT launchpad to get these digital assets. There are different rarities of these NFTs, each having its own price. However, players can obtain a box for as little as $50.

These items offer immense in-game benefits. Users can get extra stamina daily and unique skills with these skins to improve their chances of victory. In addition, only those who own these NFTs can enter the Rift. Meanwhile, you can also trade it on the TapFantasy Marketplace.

Below is a breakdown of these digital assets

  • 1 extremely rare SP quality NFT – 1000 $USDT
  • 3 SSR quality NFTs – 100 $USDT
  • 24 SR and R quality NFTs
  • Special “3 in 1 NFT”

TapFantasy Set to Release TRON Mystery Boxes on APENFT Launchpad

Of the items available for sale, the Special 3 in 1 NFT remains the highlight. Users will be opportune to mint a mystery box that contains three R-quality NFTs. What makes this digital asset special is that its items will have the Earth, Water, Fire or Wind elemental attributes. Players can direct start using them in different battles with the P2E game. Those who obtain special 3 in 1 NFTs can redeem them on the TRON TapFantasy website.

Another notable collection from the drop is the APENFT x TapFantasy NFT. However, they are only available for APENFT users. They will get an extra 40 $USDT if they open the mystery boxes with collaborative NFTs. There are five collaborative NFTs in total. Players who have all 5 will win 200 $USDT.

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