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STEPN Partners with HypeSaints to Launch NFTs

The web3 lifestyle app with social and game elements, STEPN, has partnered with Hype Saints to launch a limited edition of Sneakers, NFTs, and co-branded merch.

The event is slated to start on February 20 at 5:00 UTC and end on March 12 at 23:59 UTC.

How to Participate

According to STEPN, the event holds in weekly rounds with each round starting on Monday and ending on Sunday. The ticket count snapshot takes place every Sunday at 23:59 UTC, and the ticket count reset is every Monday at midnight UTC. To join the event, a participant must buy/mint and hold a minimum of one HypeSaints sneaker. 

It is worth mentioning that you do not have to be a minter to participate. Participants are also to get tickets associated with the rarity of each HypeSaints sneaker they hold during the snapshot for the week. Players who hold a minimum of one ticket are eligible for a raffle pool of co-branded merch and co-branded NFTs

The more ticket a participant holds, the higher their chances of winning. STEPN also mentioned that the players with the highest number of tickets during the week’s round are considered the Top Holders.


What is the Value of Co-branded Sneakers?

STEPN has revealed that each common co-branded sneaker is equal to one ticket, and each uncommon co-branded sneaker equates to two tickets. Each rare co-branded sneaker equates to four tickets, and each epic co-branded sneaker equates to six tickets

In other words, if a participant holds one uncommon in SOL and one common in ETH, they will get three tickets for the round.

Highlights of the Prizes for the Event

The event will run for three weeks, and each week has its designated prizes. For the first week, STEPN will distribute 20 co-branded NFTs and 20 co-branded merch. For the second week, winners will share 30 co-branded NFTs and 20 co-branded merch. The prizes for the third week are 50 co-branded NFTs and 20 co-branded merch. 

The platform mentioned that each participant is only eligible for one co-branded NFT and one co-branded merch weekly. Also, when players mint sneakers during a week round, the sneakers must be in the Spending Account to become eligible

Sneakers still in the marketplace during the snapshot will not count. Additionally, sneakers bought or transferred in the current week-round count as new sneakers. Interested participants can find more information about the event on the official Twitter page of STEPN.

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