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Mines Of Dalarnia’s Terraformed Ape Quest Starts Today


  • Ape Quest is shifting its missions from competitions to regular mining to make them more accessible and relevant to players.
  • Missions now require completing a defined number of excavations and accumulating fragments in the inventory for validation. Creating an immersive experience focused on resource collection.
  • Reward distribution is adjusted to promote greater fairness and transparency. Ensuring all players have the opportunity to be adequately rewarded for their participation.

The gaming platform Ape Quest has announced a series of updates that will take effect from April 1, 2024. The aim is to enhance user experience and provide them with new opportunities to engage with the platform and earn rewards.

One of the main focuses of the modifications is the shift of Ape Quest missions from competitions to regular mining. The new approach is aimed at making missions more accessible, affordable, and relevant to players. By removing time constraints and limits on the number of attempts per day, users will have the freedom to complete them at their own pace, maximizing their earnings and participation time on the platform.

With Ape Quest’s new focus exclusively on mining activity, to complete a mission, players will need to carry out a defined number of excavations. Each of which will require having a certain amount of fragments in their inventory for validation. This is intended to create a more immersive gaming experience focused on resource collection.

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Ape Quest Works on Developing a More Competitive and Equitable Environment

Additionally, reward distribution will be modified. The remaining fund for Ape Quest missions amounts to $961,200 DAR, with $838,800 DAR already distributed as prizes. The new system aims to promote greater fairness and transparency in the process. Ensuring all players have the opportunity to be adequately rewarded for their participation in missions.

Finally, competitions will be temporarily paused to allow the Ape Quest team to work on improving them and turning them into special events. During this time, players will have a 30-day period for participating in previous competitions.

Ape Quest updates aim to develop a more dynamic, rewarding, and equitable gaming experience for all participants. These improvements will provide a high-quality gaming environment tailored to consolidate and enhance its position in the blockchain gaming market.

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