Space Nation Reveals Prime Navigator: Changes and Benefits
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Space Nation Reveals Prime Navigator: Changes and Benefits


  • Prime Navigator avatar reveal scheduled for April 1 at 8:00 UTC.
  • Various groups of cosmic beings, such as Cosmic Citizens, Galactic Mechanics, Interstellar Navigators and Mythical Golds, participate in the event.
  • The Space Nation community is gearing up for an exciting update with custom and exclusive benefits.

The blockchain galaxy is abuzz with anticipation for the reveal of Prime Navigator’s Space Nation avatar on April 1 at 8:00 UTC.

This event marks a significant milestone for the cosmic community, with a variety of beings and groups coming together on Oikos to witness the exciting display.

From the Cosmic Citizens, with their diversity of roles and origins scattered across the galaxy, to the Galactic Mechanics, whose fusion of advanced technology and the human body adds an intriguing dimension, each group awaits with anticipation.

The Interstellar Navigators, with their distinctive blue skin and monumental ambitions, join the event from distant and mysterious star systems.

Meanwhile, the Mythical Golds, whose ancestors forged powerful bonds with extraterrestrial beings, prepare to demonstrate their formidable abilities and cosmic luck.

Space Nation Reveals Prime Navigator: Changes and Benefits

As the Space Nation community prepares for the reveal, emotions are at an all-time high

In addition to the exciting aspect of the event, Space Nation is also announcing an exciting update that brings with it personalized and exclusive benefits for participants.

From the ability to customize avatars to the exclusivity of asteroids for communities based in Space Nation, these new features promise to enrich the user experience.

With the promise of a new beginning and exciting opportunities on the horizon, Space Nation enthusiasts eagerly await reveal day.

The community comes together in anticipation, aware that this event not only represents a technological upgrade, but also a deeper bond between the inhabitants of the metaverse galaxy.

The reveal of the Prime Navigator avatar not only marks an exciting moment in Space Nation history, but also promises a new era of benefit and collaboration for the inhabitants of the galaxy.

The community looks forward to the day, ready to embark on this exciting cosmic adventure together.

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