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What do I need to Start Playing Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is rated among the top NFT games in the market. It is a Trading Card Game developed on the Hive blockchain. The game uses play-to-earn mechanics to enable game enthusiasts to earn from what they love to do. 

Are you looking to play Splinterlands and wondering what you need to start? This post provides a guide on how to start playing the game and what you need to get started.

How Splinterlands Gameplay Works

Before looking at what you need to play this game, let us take a cursory look at how it works. First, you must understand that you need the best strategy to win the game. In each match, you have to curate the best six cards from your deck to create a formidable combination to defeat your opponent

When you have decided on the strategy to use, the fast-paced match starts with the AI taking charge of the mechanism. Splinterlands uses innovative gameplay with AI technology to support automated battles. The native tokens on the game platform are SLPs (Splintershards) and DEC (Dark Energy Crystals). 

You can earn these tokens as rewards. The SLP is the governance token, while the DEC is the utility token for trading and other purposes. To increase your earning possibilities, you must buy the Spellbook, which costs about $10. You need this to explore earning opportunities.


What You Need to Play Splinterlands

The first thing you need to play Splinterlands is to obtain a card pack. This card pack contains all cards you need during a match. Each card has certain MANA points that characterize the housing space of one troop

In other words, if you have to form a hero combination under a certain MANA limit, you have to use powerful strategies and do your calculations before you assemble your deck and deploy the cards. Higher-level cards usually perform better against opponents during a match. 

However, it costs more to have a higher level MANA. You can buy or rent Rare cards, like legendary cards, from the marketplace. Having these cards offers you an edge over the competition. Additionally, you receive a reward of DECs after each win. 

You can redeem these tokens in your real-world wallets. Every win you achieve against your opponent increases your power and rating stats and these promote you to a higher league. Being in a higher league offers higher rewards in DEC and legendary chests. All these increase your earning potential in Splinterlands.

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