Alien Worlds Launches Version 2.6.0 Update To Improve User Experience
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Alien Worlds Launches Version 2.6.0 Update To Improve User Experience

Alien Worlds is proud to announce that it is launching Version 2.6.0 update of its game. While making the announcement, the team highlighted that this patch note aims at improving the user experience of players. More so, the emphasis is on onboarding and user access to enable newbies to easily navigate the system.

For starters, Alien Worlds is introducing significant changes to the login procedures. Here is the new account access sequence:

  • Visit the Alien Worlds Website.
  • Click on “Start Now,” and another window will appear, prompting you to connect your cloud wallet.
  • Enter your wallet login details to continue.
  • The window will close, and users will be redirected back to the start-up page.

Features in the Alien Worlds Version 2.6.0 Update

Features in the Alien Worlds Version 2.6.0 Update

The first feature that Alien Worlds is bringing to the system is Cloud Wallet Integration. The team has noticed that new players are usually unaware of the need to have a wallet to enable them to begin gaming. As such, they tend to look lost when they are required to connect a wallet to the platform.

To solve this problem, the new platform will direct new explorers to a page where they can create a cloud wallet account. From there, these individuals can then integrate the new wallet that they created into their account.

On the other hand, there is often a pop-up notification that appears on the main page. To make access more straightforward for first-timers, the team is enabling people to register wallets directly through this pop-up.

Speaking of account access, there are now cooler ways to log into your profile. Anyone who does not want to go through the regular method can use the Official Discord Server or Telegram group to access the login page.

Meanwhile, there are several updates coming to the Getting Started page. The team is introducing several excellent features to this webpage. More so, new and existing players now have the opportunity to receive the latest updates as they happen within the Alien Worlds ecosystem. There is now an email newsletter function that will notify subscribers of new developments as they occur.

Furthermore, there are now aesthetic improvements on the Terms and Conditions and the Avatar Selection pages. The new layout makes it easier for people to select new in-game characters and agree to the terms for gameplay.

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