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Oasys Blockchain – Hackathon Themes Unveiled by Top Gaming Brands

The upcoming GameWave Genesis hackathon by Oasys blockchain has revealed theme details from two major sponsors. Video game leader Ubisoft and crypto group Adventure Gold DAO announced focuses to guide the event’s innovation and creativity.

This will be an event unlike any other that you have ever seen related to the metaverse space. So, here’s everything that you need to know.

Ubisoft: Linking Games for Next-Level Experiences

Firstly, you get Ubisoft, which is a name that a lot of people know due to their amazing games. So, their role is in terms of the recently made waves with a new blockchain PC game called Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles.

It uses blockchain tech like ownership and value for in-game assets, and you can guess who the partner is. This game is on Oasys blockchain, and it is going to bring a huge shift for gaming. Now Ubisoft wants hackathon projects to build interoperability around their title.

The goal is to make tools that make Champions Tactics much better and allow linking between a lot of games. Ubisoft wants to redefine gaming by using many unique elements in a seamless way. Also, they want developers to use components in novel ways that shape the future of interactive fun.

Ubisoft: Linking Games for Next Level Experiences

Adventure Gold: Crafting Autonomy in a Virtual Realm

Secondly, Adventure Gold DAO invites coders to make an independent realm in Loot Chain. This is a blockchain made for gaming worlds tied to Lootverse. Or developers can make a distributed app tailored for an auto Loot Chain environment.

The idea is to see autonomy in games or app building. Projects can carve out new areas that enrich Loot Chain’s ecosystem with new items. So, Adventure Gold wants to see novel ideas flourish in this virtual landscape.

Prizes for Top Creations by Oasys

Finally, Ubisoft and Adventure Gold both put up $3,000 in crypto prizes. This rewards teams who will make the best projects fitting the themes from each brand. So, winners will meet the goals set by each brand and Oasys in a new and fun way that is also unique and novel.

So, the hackathon is a key step by the platform to unite these top brands to shape the future of Web3 gaming. Any team can join and show coding skills in this event. We will get to see a lot of cool and creative ideas that will form a new gaming legacy.

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