Tiny World Boss Public Test
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Tiny World Boss Public Test Goes Live

Tiny World is launching the much anticipated Boss fight. This gameplay will be available for a public test on the 30th of June 2022. While making this announcement, the team also hints on the release of first the Tiny Park game mode. In addition, there will be a significant update to the Tiny Kingdom.

Details of the Tiny World Boss Public Test

As the Tiny World Boss public test goes live today, there will be some updates. Here are some new integrations that you do not want to miss.

  • By participating in this challenge, you can get rare Boss exclusive materials. You can also earn other common NFTs.
  • In this test, there will be 3 different levels of the mode. Each of them will feature a corresponding ticket that you need to have to be able to join in.
  • You cannot change the challenge once you select the Boss you want to face. The duel will begin immediately you make your choice.
  • Similarly, you cannot change your in-game character or equipment. Unlike selecting your opponent, you will not be able to alter your choice in this case until 24 hours later.
  • There will be a leaderboard for ranking every player. However, you have to engage a Boss at least 5 times before you can get a rating. Without doing so, you will not be eligible to get material rewards, each subsequent challenge consumes crystals.
  • Players who are able to complete 5 challenges will get 2 material benefits. The first one will be according to their standing in the final ratings. On the other hand, the second compensation will be completely random.
  • Tiny World will also rank the damages that you inflict on your adversaries over the next 24 hours. In this regard, there will be payoffs for those who rank among the top five spots.
  • It is important to note that the features of this beta test of the Boss mode is not final. Therefore, there will be significant changes to the official version when it launches.
  • On a side note, luck will play an important role in this challenge.

Upcoming Developments in the Tiny World

Tiny World Boss Challenge

Beside the Boss public beta test, there are other upgrades coming to Tiny World. For one, Tiny Lord is almost set for launch. As such, members should anticipate the first gameplay of Tiny Park. While giving this announcement, the team apologizes for delaying the development plans it mapped out. This was due to the policy of some regions.

Other modifications coming soon include the following

  • Increase of the Max level for Hero R and SR to 10 by next week.
  • The 2nd round of Quest Carnival will also start soon.
  • Tiny Kingdom is adjusting the drop rate of crystals and heroes with higher luck. With this move, users will get to enjoy more crystals than before.

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